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Daniel Gauci – the crowdgrowing pioneer aiming to revolutionise the cannabis industry



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The ‘Gentleman Smoker’ is a stylish, family man  – and cannabis influencer. His mission is to break down stigmas by promoting responsible use of cannabis among its many benefits.

Under this public figure we find Daniel Gauci, CBDO at JuicyFields, a medicinal cannabis crowdgrowing platform that is revolutionising the fast-growing industry.

Today he is with us to talk about his relationship within the cannabis industry and the medicinal resources that offer the world’s most famous green plant.

What is it like to be The Gentleman Smoker? Tell us about the positive and negative aspects.

The Gentleman Smoker came about from the want of promoting the positive aspects of medicinal marijuana from a realistic albeit different perspective.

To break the stereotypes of what a typical cannabis user is and to show that a modern day cannabis user is a professional, responsible person.

I have a vast history with cannabis and most if not all is positive, from positive, personal points of view regarding introspection, mental health and productivity matters to the medicinal benefits within many diseases including ones my children suffer from.

The negative aspects, if I have to view it that way, would be that my private and professional life are now as one, and that my thoughts and motives are there for all to see, but that also has positives.

Many people still deny the health benefits that cannabis has to offer, what do you think about that?

The evidence is there. I am still surprised to hear the claim that there is not enough research, data or studies regarding medicinal marijuana and the benefits that it offers.

There are more than fifteen thousand peer reviewed studies and trials freely available for review and many more recently that focus on the endocannabinoid system that is clearly recognised throughout the medical world, with many clinicians prescribing cannabis for a multitude of treatments.

It does pain me that people can deny something when the information is freely available, however, it is understandable due to the many years of negative propaganda campaigns.

More and more countries are changing their legislation and perception of medical cannabis. Will we ever see a world in which medical cannabis is legislated and socially accepted?

I hope so. However, let us not forget there are places in the world where it is still a crime to be gay or to favor one religion over another.

There are many challenges that marijuana legislation faces but I see them being overcome one by one.

Let us take Europe as an example, the shift for positive legislation has come quick with governments and medicine authorities realising the potential that medicinal marijuana offers not only as medicine for patients but as an industry for the nation.

If we look at the current predicted figures the industry is expected to boom in the coming years, this will only speed up favourable legislation ultimately benefiting the consumer.

If we look back 10 or even 5 years, progress is gaining insatiable momentum that was not predicted by many so soon.

You have a background experience in the pharmaceutical field. Could you list some new medical benefits that can be found in cannabis if research continues?

Everyday I wonder where the research will take us. I read almost weekly of new applications and possible uses that medicinal marijuana can offer.

Not just in relation to cannabinoids but also in relation to terpenes and also the entourage effect, the innovation is truly outstanding.

When I studied pharmacology we touched upon cannabis in relation to the psychoactive elements in relation to the body and mind but since then microbiology and the understanding of chemical relationships has advanced so much I believe that we will keep learning more about this wonderful plant and what she has to offer for many years to come.

The most curious aspect for me is the relationship between the creation of amino acids and the importance of synapse connection in relation to speech. I am very much looking forward to the progress in this particular field of research.

On a personal level, what influence has medical cannabis had on your life?

Cannabis has held a different influence over me at various stages during my life. From one off theory and research to that of actively keeping members of my family alive.

The gap is profound and stretches so far but to narrow in on the practical medical applications in a personal scenario, it would be that of helping to save our baby daughters life.

It showed me how persecution from ignorance was prevalent in many avenues in life, not just in the medical marijuna world. In reflection it influenced me to be a better person, father, husband and member of society.

Having seen with your own eyes the benefits of medical cannabis, what would you say to those who want to try but are not sure about it?

Go and do it and do not waste time. Seek medical expertise prior but do not wait for any condition to worsen. Cannabis, while not 100% safe in all methods and for all people, has very little side effects with very, very high quantities needed for any type of overdosing classification.

Medicinal marijunana can have an immediate effect in certain conditions such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease with other conditions and symptoms being alleviated within minutes.

There are numerous resources available that can guide and help you to make an informed decision. Currently we are treating our severely autistic, non verbal son with CBD oil.

The results are proving positive, the studies and trials undergoing currently, particularly in Spain, are very encouraging.

My daughter was treated with high strength (and dosage) of full spectrum THC oil when undergoing chemotherapy for a tumor on her kidney, not only did it help with managing negative side effects of the harsher treatments, we believe also stopped the tumor from growing. (However, we have no medical evidence to present for this claim).

What is the role of JuicyFields regarding the medical cannabis industry?

JuicyFields enables people to support the medicinal cannabis industry by keeping the supply chain within grassroots and community cultivation level operations.

JuicyFields is adamant that the people working within this industry for years, fighting for legislation and research should be the ones to benefit now that legislation is positive and the industry being legalised.

We operate so that the money generated in this industry goes back to the community farmers and cultivators and processors so that they can continue to support themselves and grow, rather than having to sell their lands or businesses to multinational corporations eager to monopolise the industry for profit.

Is crowdgrowing going to change the course of the cannabis industry? How?

I believe so, yes. The other role of JuicyFields is to provide easy access to those wanting to support and invest in the medical cannabis industry.

For those who have looked, it is very expensive and prohibitive to enter. High costs, many licenses, industry knowledge and a highly skilled workforce is required if one were to venture in the industry as a normal business might.

That is where crowdgrowing comes into play. JuicyFields provides a platform that these budding entrepreneurs and investors can not only support the grass roots level cultivators but to also make a profit for themselves without the heavy time and financial commitment usually required.

The cultivation partners on the platform are all vetted to the highest of standards and comply with every regulation required where they operate and beyond.

All with full compliance and cultivation licenses from the relevant authorities and are also insured. This means that crowdgrowers are fully legal and compliant to enter into what is traditionally an exclusive yet very profitable and fast growing industry.

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Medical cannabis cultivation gets green light in Guernsey

Businesses can now apply for a licence to grow high-THC cannabis for medical purposes.



It marks a significant step in the island's emerging cannabis industry

Businesses based in the Bailiwick of Guernsey can now apply for a licence to grow high-THC cannabis for medical purposes.

In a significant step in the development of the island’s emerging cannabis industry, businesses can now apply for a high-THC cannabis cultivation licence following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UK Home Office. 

Previously only licences to cultivate cannabis for CBD products were available. 

According to a Government announcement on Thursday 22 July, applications will be received by the newly formed Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency (BGCA), which has been established by the Committee for Health and Social Care.

“Guernsey was one of the first to recognise the potential benefits that cannabis-based products medicinal might bring,” commented Deputy Al Brouard, president of the Committee for Health and Social Care.

“The MoU marks the start of a process that may allow these products to be produced on island for the benefit of patients within the Bailiwick and overseas. The creation of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Cannabis Agency further enhances our robust regulatory system for cannabis cultivation.”

Deputy Neil Inder, president of the Committee for Economic Development added: “Guernsey’s famous growing heritage continues to thrive within this new island industry. The MoU ensures that the Bailiwick can continue to remain at the forefront of a developing sector that provides diversification to our economy, revitalisation of our environment and new opportunities for skills and employment. 

“Growers once moved into finance and now finance is moving into growing. The Committee will continue to support the opportunities available in the pharmaceutical industry and I’m very grateful for the effort all parties have made to deliver the long-awaited MoU.”

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Report reveals positive outlook for European hemp farmers

Hemp producers are expecting to sell more than 80 percent of their production this year



Hemp producers are expecting to sell more than 80 percent of their production this year

A new industry report published this week has revealed a positive outlook for European hemp farmers.

The second edition of the Canxchange quarterly benchmark report shows a fairly optimistic outlook from European hemp farmers.

It highlights a number of factors including the “slowdown of the COVID-19 pandemic” and “better visibility due to vaccine programmes that have been implemented across the globe” – giving farmers the confidence to invest in production machinery and materials.

According to the survey, the vast majority of hemp producers are expecting to sell more than 80 percent of their production this year, with 60 percent of participants having already pre-sold the majority of production for the year, and negotiations having already begun for the 2022 harvesting campaign.

Prices for CBD whole flowers, biomass and oil have remained stable, however, CBDCBN and CBC isolate prices from the US have been blowing “European competition out the water”.

It goes on to highlight that the last few months have seen European isolate prices stabilise at €400-500, but that US products that are beginning to appear on the European market continue to put pressure on producers.

The report is part of Canxchange’s strategy to encourage a more transparent and efficient physical hemp market.

The report states: “The minor cannabinoid space is gaining more and more traction as CBD has become a very competitive market and experienced CBD players are looking to diversify into minor cannabinoids which are picking up in popularity.

“CBN and CBC prices remain stable as the supply and demand curve looks stable. Some US products are starting to appear in Europe putting pressure for prices on European producers.”

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CBD and cannabis in the UK – a few things you need to know

Are you thinking about trying CBD? Here’s a few things you should know.



CBD products are legal in the UK
CBD products are legal in the UK - and they are becoming popular too.

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Are you thinking about trying CBD? Here’s a few things you should know about how things stand in the UK.

Everybody is talking about cannabidiol, it is becoming popular all around the world. However, a lot of people get confused when they hear that CBD comes from the cannabis plant. This causes speculation on whether CBD products are actually legal in the UK.

First of all, to address the question, is CBD legal in the UK?

The answer is yes. But, it is important to be aware of the rules first so that you can enjoy peace of mind and know where you stand.

The legality of CBD products in the UK

Just like in many other countries around the world, CBD products are legal in the UK. Indeed, they are becoming popular too. A product will have to be fit for human consumption in order to be legal. In addition, it cannot contain more than 0.2 percent THC. You can dive into CBD and cannabis resources here.

You will find that a lot of CBD oils and products are going to be sold as supplements. They should not be marketed as a cure to any illness nor claiming to help with any disease.

While there are studies available that suggest CBD can be a good thing for you to take on a regular basis, this is not something that a brand is allowed to market.

THC is illegal 

So, are there any CBD products that are illegal in the UK?

The answer is yes. The products that contain THC, which is known as tetrahydrocannabinol, are going to be illegal. The reason for this is, it is the psychoactive cannabinoid, which can make you feel high. It is important to note that THC is called a controlled substance in the UK. This is down to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Therefore, you want to look for CBD products that are free from THC. This is going to ensure that you can enjoy the product as intended, as well as making sure that you do not break any of the rules or regulations in the UK.

Another thing to consider is that harvesting hemp  – you can find out more at 9leafs – for CBD products is currently illegal in this country.

While there is a lot of uproar about this by farmers and there are people that want the law changed, this is how it stands right now. So, as a consumer, you will have to choose imported hemp and ensure that it contains no THC. 

Why is CBD popular in the UK?

If you are new to CBD, you may wonder why a lot of people are choosing to take it.

Well, there are studies that suggest cannabidiol can have benefits for your health. Namely, it may be able to help with joint and chronic pain, as well as with anxiety and stress.

There is also some suggestion that CBD may be able to help with insomnia, migraines and allergies.


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