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London’s CBD food and drink market continues to expand

An East London street food restaurant has added CBD-infused takeaway sauces to its menu with the aim of promoting health and wellbeing.



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The Green Grill, a plant-based restaurant based on St James’s Street, has teamed up with CBD oil manufacturer CBD Armour to bring the new products to London.

The restaurant was formed as a street stall in 2017, while its food is also now being sold at the newly-opened Green Vic pub in Shoreditch, which calls itself ‘the world’s most ethical bar’.

In an interview with the London Post, co-owner Robbie Rees was optimistic about CBD’s impact on the culinary marketplace.

“It has created a lot of awareness about CBD in general and the sauces are proving massively popular,” he said.

“The moment you mention CBD sauce to someone they say, ‘yeah, I’ll have it’ straight away.”

The Green Grill is following in the city’s newest trend with others in the capital starting to promote similar products.

Yogland, a West London frozen yogurt shop, has just introduced the ‘Hemp Matcha’ flavour of its frozen vegan range infused with 40 per cent CBD oil.

The Feel Good Cafe, based in North London, sells CBD oil-infused products and manufactures its own oils and hosts workshops to educate the public how the supplement could help you.

CBD’s rise is not only encouraging Londoners to try alternative wellbeing products but is also driving foreign investment into the capital.

Colorado-based cannabis company Mile High Labs is reportedly closing in on a new Mayfair base to break into the British and European markets, according to a report in the Evening Standard.

Company representative Frederik Henderson told the Standard: “Mile High Labs is one of the world’s largest extractors of CBD that can be used in everything from skin care products to beverages. There is a rapidly growing demand for CBD in the UK and Europe.”

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