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Boris Johnson’s advisers want to legalise cannabis

Two of the Prime Minister’s closest advisers support the legalisation of cannabis in the UK.



Blair Gibbs, policy adviser to PM Boris Johnson, has been a long-term advocate for legalisation previously holding core positions at pro-cannabis lobby groups.

Gibbs was an advisor at Volteface and was the policy lead at The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), leaving both jobs to join the Number 10 policy unit.

He is a supporter of the Canadian model of legalisation; writing for Voltefacein 2017 he said: “Canada’s plan to legalise cannabis is a rare example of bold policy and good government.”

Volteface recently participated in a cross-party exploration trip to the Canadian cannabis industry during which Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb took cannabis oil.

Meanwhile, the PM’s new political secretary, Daniel Kruger, has also called for the end of cannabis prohibition.

He wrote in 2017 the Spectator Magazine:“A brave step would be to commission a report looking at the impact on young people’s wellbeing of drugs – including the effect of illegality, and the potential for a regulated market.

“We do not need to ban everything bad. After all, the Victorians never prohibited alcohol. They regulated it, taxed it and hedged it about with a culture of disapproval.”

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