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CBD’s influence on drinks industry grows

A new line of non-alcoholic, CBD-infused shots has been released which its creators claim can improve sleep quality and alleviate anxiety.



UK retailer OTO has introduced the new products to its existing range of CBD-infused drinks.

The shots will come in three different flavours including ‘Spice’, which is advertised as being able to enhance concentration.

‘Zest’ is said to aid heart health and low blood pressure, while ‘Bloom’ is claimed to promote quality sleep and reduced anxiety.

The products have been created by team of industry experts including food scientist Dr Ketan Joshi and Antonia Jamison of Sipsmith Gin.

They were joined by Gemma Colao, managing director of OTO, says: “[The products are] a simple and enjoyable way to get the perfect dose of CBD, whether it’s taken as a shot or mixed with a cocktail.

“We’ve designed three unique blends that perfectly complement our customers’ needs, from improving focus to creating more balance in their everyday lives.”

The product is a blend of CBD and botanicals such as lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and lavender.

Each 60ml shot contains 50mg of CBD and will be sold for £6.99.

Food scientist Dr Ketan Joshi says: “Our continuing trials with CBD have proven fantastic results, with users experiencing incredible benefits from improved sleep, better concentration and reduced anxiety as a result.

“We are confident our new RTDs [ready to drink] will encourage more people to make CBD a simple, yet effective, part of their daily routine – and reap the benefits of improved overall health and wellbeing.”

OTO is not the first UK company to introduce CBD into its drinks.

Last month, Northern Monk and Green Times Brewing introduced CBD-infused IPA drink, the Green Heathen.

Earlier this month a specialist brewery, Hop and Hemp, introduced low alcohol CBD lagers and IPAs to the market.


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