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Bringing cannabis-based medicine to the mainstream

How Unyte Medical are championing affordable, accessible, high-quality Cannabis-based medicines in the UK.



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The re-awakening of interest in Cannabis and the incredible benefits this ancient plant could bring is in full swing. From the industrial cultivars producing Hemp to Cannabis as a possible ‘cure’ for a wide range of conditions, more and more peer reviewed scientific evidence is coming to light, leading to a revolution in clinical treatments and natural medical products derived from Cannabis.

During the 2018 media campaign to gain access for Cannabis derived medicines, Garry Stevens Smith, Craig Brown and Jamie Bartley of the Unyte Group saw many parents going to any lengths, and expense, to bring back quality of life for their little ones.

They were moved by their stories and saw an incredible opportunity to help people throughout the UK and Europe by providing high- quality, low-cost access to legal cannabis medicines for everyone who would benefit.

Garry and his team did their research and learned about this fascinating crop. They formed the company Unyte Medical, taking a holistic approach, looking at all the elements that would need to be in place to grow, process, manufacture and distribute Cannabis-based medicines.

They began to bring in specialists to the team, Prof. Mike Barnes, Hannah Deacon, Jeff Ditchfield and Jamie Bartley, which together developed the shared vision of Unyte Medical; clinicians, researchers, activists, investors and parents with first-hand experience of being blocked at every step in the plight to help their children.

Since 2018 things have moved on apace. Unyte Hemp secured 1200 acres of Home Office licensed land to grow industrial Hemp as they sought to build knowledge around the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the Cannabis plant, in readiness for launching the UKs Hemp industry.

Alongside this effort the all-important research and development has been accelerating. Through our inhouse world leading technologies we are working to isolate the minor compounds, allowing for fast and efficient trials to be undertaken, treating various conditions.

Unyte are working with regulators and various Government departments to positively influence policy reform and increase public access.

The end goal is large-scale, cost-effective access to medicinal Cannabis. Unyte have the team to become world leading experts in the extraction, separation and purification of target molecules from the Cannabis plant which are then recombined into the required ratios of Cannabinoids, Terpenoids and Flavonoids, to suit the treatment of a specific condition or complexity of conditions.

Garry anticipates the remit at Unyte Medical expanding and adds “We believe our research fields will broaden to look at developing and propagating new strains of Cannabis which would provide optimum yields of specific organic constituents.

We envisage medicines being created on a bespoke case-by-case basis, tailored to patients’ specific needs. In time we plan to gain NICE recommendation for the use of CBMs for a wide range of illnesses following marketing authorisation from the MHRA.”

Unyte Medical are always seeking new partners to bring additional expertise, knowledge and indeed funding to our cross-functional team and help realise the vision. If you are interested in what we are doing and can bring value to the Unyte team please contact us.

Phone: 0161 826 9075