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Could taste put Yorkshire pioneers on top?

A range of natural CBD oils, which are claimed to have a unique and favourable taste, has been launched by a UK-based business.



Wellness brand Aire has launched three oils into the market, which contain no THC content. 

Working with a European CBD manufacturers, each is blended with premium grade CBD, refined hemp-seed oil and added hemp terpenes.

The business, from Leeds, also claims the favourable taste of its oils is its unique feature and what will make its products stand out in the fast-growing global market.

Adam Flanaghan, who co-founded Aire alongside Oli Harris, said: “Just because it’s CBD people just seem to accept that it’s going to taste terrible. Or they’ll buy a product that has artificial ingredients added that hide the natural flavour.

“We’ve worked for nearly two years on getting the flavour of our oils right and are proud to say that we’ve now got a range of 100% hemp-based products which actually taste great. They’re clean and crisp, meaning people will actually enjoy taking them.”


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