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Cannabis firm swaps hemp for hand wash

A cannabis products firm has switched to making hand santiser amid soaring demand in the COVID-19 crisis.



US-based Global Cannabinoids, which makes hemp derived cannabinoids, has shifted its supply chain of ethanol used in the extraction of hemp, toward the production of hand sanitisers to meet the growing demand.

And in just one week to early April, it saw US$15m worth of hand santiser products ordered as customers strived to avoid catching and soreading the virus.

To make the shift, the company has secured the delivery of hundreds of thousands of gallons of 40-B and 3-C denatured ethanol.

It has also created a new entitiy, Global Sanitizers LLC.

Global Cannabinoids CEO Ryan Lewis said: “We never expected to become one of the leading bulk and wholesale suppliers of hand sanitisers this quickly, but after analysing the current supply chain and meeting with our manufacturing partners, it became apparent to us that serious gaps in hand sanitiser production existed.

“This presented us with a unique opportunity to fill in the gaps by diverting contracts for ethanol used in the large scale extraction of hemp, towards the production of hand sanitisers.

“The current leading brands of hand sanitisers in the USA is clearly unable to supply the new demand for these products, and that presented us with an opportunity to use our bulk and wholesale distribution network and supply chain logistics to challenge their reign.”

America’s Food and Drug Administration has deregulated production of hand sanitisers, creating a legal pathway for a wider range of manufacturers to begin producing and distributing it.

Global Sanitizers, however, is producing it in good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliant facilities as established hand sanitiser firms would.

A portion of all hand sanitisers manufactured by Global is donated to first responders in need of these important products.


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