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US cannabis businesses connected via music app

Founders of a music app have found an innovative way of promoting the recently-legalised Massachusetts cannabis industry, while also connecting businesses with potential customers.



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Since the legalisation of recreational marijuana in the US state, cannabis businesses are now able to produce for mainstream use, but are governed by very restrictive guidelines that ban any advertising in the majority of media sources.

As well restrictions on traditional media, marijuana-related businesses are prohibited from advertising on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. 

JamTown Music Co, a music app which allows users to find live music, is a known supporter of the cannabis industry, and has stepped in to offer its platform to businesses to promote themselves.

David McGrath, founder of JamTown, said while the restrictions on mainstream advertising are rightly in place to protect the marketing of marijuana to minors, his app appeals to a different audience.

“JamTown proudly supports the marijuana movement and the rapid-growing industry. The current marketing guidelines for these businesses, while necessary, definitely put these owners at a disadvantage,” he says.

“JamTown’s user-base consists of thousands of Massachusetts residents, ages 21-60, who support the local music scene. It’s a safe bet that a large portion of this demographic is simultaneously supporting the Massachusetts cannabis industry.

“The mission, through obtaining these partnerships is to help music-loving JamTown users find local dispensaries they might not even know about.”