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Dementia and cannabis under the spotlight

A new podcast discussing the links between dementia and medical cannabis has been launched.



The show, available to download on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcats, is the brainchild of Americans Chela and Dave Coennen.

It was inspired by the couple’s experiences with Chela’s mother, who moved into their home after she developed dementia and Alzheimer’s.

As Forbes reports, the dementia exacerbated her aggressive behaviour, but one night Chela shared a joint with her mother.

As a result she “immediately became communicative, sociable and cooperative”.

Chela and Dave, film workers and carers, have launched the “Cannabis Helps Dementia” podcast, with the aim of sharing their experiences.

They also aim to “connect with experts in the medical field and with other caregivers exploring the science and telling the stories of how cannabis can be the most effective and safest of any medicine being used for people living with dementia today.”

One episode features Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather, one of North America’s most experienced clinicians in terms of consulting on cannabis medicine.

Listerners are also encouraged to share their stories about dementia and cannabis.

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