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The secret formula to golfing success?

Andrew Dixon, of Golfers CBD, on why more and more golfers are using cannabidiol to improve their game.



The calming and recovery benefits of CBD are well known, as is the way in which it influences the body’s receptors that control such things as mood and stress response.

So it is no surprise that CBD is finding its way into the locker of all sorts of sports people from rugby and tennis players to cyclists and boxers.

But if there’s one sport where positively influencing your reaction to unfortunate events and stressful situations would help, it’s golf.

For the average player, a round of golf is 80 per cent disappointment, with sliced drives, thinned irons, duffed chips and 3-putts common place on the fairways.

Golfers also have more time than any other sports player to reflect on their latest disappointing stroke and to stew on the consequences.

But what if the average player could remain positive, leave their mistakes behind and approach each new challenge sharply focused on a successful outcome?

Of course a relatively competent golf swing helps but this type of positive approach will maximise the potential of a player at any level.

We golfers have all seen a player duff it 50 yards off the tee on a tough 400 yard hole and then announce they will still make par!

Some laugh, only to find that a hybrid, pitching wedge and one-putt later, the duff has become a four for three on the card.

Contrast this with a player who hacks it 50 yards and launches the driver back at the bag grumbling that they’ve nailed them all on the range before play.

They huff and puff their way to the ball mired in misery, then launch a three-iron while still still angry at the tee shot. Inevitably this disappears into the woods and the long walk to the next hole begins. It’s a common story on any four-ball round.

CBD, however, has the potential to improve a golfer’s reactions, helping to maintain a relaxed and focused approach throughout their round. It’s not a fix for a faulty swing but most high scores on the golf course are a result of attitude to the situations golf throws at you, rather than your inability to swing it like Rory.

Professional players are using CBD oil for preparation through good sleep and also for faster recovery post-round. Many also talk of sharper focus and a calmness when they play.

But most professionals have mastered the balanced approach required to give them the best score they can achieve on any given day. They know golf is not fair and that maintaining a positive approach will result in the lowest score available.

By comparison, amateur players get nervous, we react to events and carry our disappointment with us.

We tense up in stressful situations, with our motor-response affected by the desire to beat our opponent or get that sub-80 round into the clubhouse. But CBD can change that by influencing the way we react to events.

Andrew Dixon represents Golfers CBD, a golf-specific CBD brand based in the UK. It was founded by two club players with an insight into the issues golfers struggle with on the course. While it has a range of CBD products, the company is also experimenting with other legal cannabinoids and their impact on problems like the yips. Contact / / Twitter: @golferscbd.


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