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Building the evidence for medical cannabis

A UK cannabis clinics firm has launched a new registry aimed at building the evidence base for medical cannabis.



Sapphire Medical Clinics, of Harley Street, London, has created a registry which will collect and analyse clinical information on patients taking medical cannabis treatments for all recognised eligible conditions.

It forms part of a wider platform which also includes novel sensing and digital biomarkers.

The first thousand patients’ who apply to take part  are eligible for a significant reduction in the appointment cost.

Sapphire’s UK Medical Cannabis Registry will also be free to contribute to for any patient in the UK with a prescription who wants to advance the science of medical cannabis.

Dr Mikael Sodergren, managing director and academic lead at Sapphire Clinics, said: “We are very proud to launch our Real World Evidence Platform which ultimately aims to provide the data to allow patients to access cannabis-based medicines on the NHS for all the conditions in which there is proven clinical benefit.

“Whilst we are actively involved in setting up randomised controlled trials, our Real-World Evidence Platform will provide faster access to high quality data and will provide an unparalleled resource for clinicians, regulators and commercial stakeholders.”

Dr Michael Platt, medical director of Sapphire Clinics, added: “There are an estimated 1.4 million medical cannabis patients in the UK and with this initiative we hope to make it more affordable for them to access medication through a recognised clinic where we can carefully monitor their treatment.

“Alongside significant patient demand, there is a need to provide clinicians with a  prescribing formulary  based on the best data available whilst we wait for clinical trials.”

Patients on the Sapphire Access scheme will also receive greater insight into how their treatment is affecting them via the Real World Evidence Platform.

Lisa, 44 years old from Woking is a current patient at Sapphire and suffers from Chronic Pain.

She commented on the launch saying: “Contributing to the growing body of medical knowledge is really important to me as this will provide feedback and evidence that will be key to helping other people like me in the future.

“The reduced appointment costs that the Sapphire Access Scheme offers means that finding the money to address my healthcare needs is less of a concern.”


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