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“I was at the point where I’d try anything”

Camilla Hansson became interested in health and wellness around the time she was crowned Miss Sweden in 2014, writes Jessica Brown.



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She went on to study natural medicine and nutrition, but didn’t know at the time how much this education would later come in useful.

Hansson has endometriosis, a disorder where small pieces of the womb lining are found outside the womb, usually on the ovaries, fallopian tubes and tissue lining the pelvis. It can be very painful, and there’s no known cure.

Hansson suffered with debilitating menstrual cramps.

“The pain was so horrific, I went to the emergency department several times,” she told Cannabis Health.

“I was at a point where I’d try anything – I was taking strong painkillers, I tried acupuncture, homeopathy – everything, and nothing really worked.

“A friend who’s a doctor gave me some 15 per cent CBD oil I’d left in the fridge, one day when I had terrible cramps, I took some. I’d heard CBD can help with pain, and I was in a lot of pain. Twenty minutes later, the pain was gone.

“I thought it was just a coincidence, but it kept happening – every time I took it, the pain went away.”

​Hansson looked online, but she couldn’t find many products suited to her, so she decided to solve the problem herself.

“It felt like something I was suffering with so much, and CBD helped me. I felt like needed to tell other women about, and decided I wanted to do a very specific formula for this issue.”

“I did a broad spectrum 15 per cent CBD oil then added natural herbs, and gave it to 100 women I knew who were suffering from menstrual cramps. I got such amazing feedback that I decided to do it.”

Camilla Organics launched at the end of March, after a year of work. The range consists of two formulas, the Women’s Relief oil, containing ‘Wild Yam, Dong Quai and a unique blend of terpenes,’ according to the product description, as well as a broad-spectrum CBD oil.

The brand ships worldwide, and has its products independently tested. Sales coming in slowly, which Hansson says lets her focus on building the brand. She says positive reviews are keeping her going.

“It’s changed women’s lives, women who had anxiety or who were bed-bound and couldn’t go to work before, who are saying they can now continue living their lives.

“The menstrual cycle is where I see the biggest difference with CBD – I couldn’t live without my product at that time of the month.

“At this stage it’s about educating women about CBD and sharing my story and how it can help their health and wellness. Even now, people are very confused about how to take it, what form to take – and I get it, it’s very confusing.”