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Researchers hail CBN breakthrough

Scientists in the US believe they have discovered a novel way of producing the lesser-known cannabinoid CBN, which could have major implications to the cannabis products market.



Research company Cannabis Global has announced the successful application of production techniques developed for Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V), also a rare cannabinoid, to CBN.

The company believes it may have “enormous unexplored upside growth potential” as a new cannabinoid-based products market.

This breakthrough discovery results from continued work on the Company’s “Project Varin” initiative, launched in January 2020 to manufacture new nanotechnologies, infusions and consumer products based on rare cannabinoids.

Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global, said: “Our research team has already proven our capability to produce high-quality polymeric nanoparticles and fibres of THC-V, but we also consider it important to be able to leverage our production techniques relative to other rare cannabinoids.

“We are excited to report today the success of this effort, which comes in the form of the production of highly loaded nanofibers of CBN via our methods developed for THC-V.

“We believe this development allows Cannabis Global to more quickly expand our product portfolio as we continue to stake a claim in the rare cannabinoid sector, potentially unleashing underexploited growth potential in markets like CBN, with little or no real competition.”

The Company’s research team is nearing the completion of a subprogram of Project Varin designed to finalise high volume production methods.

As part of this effort, manufactured CBN was successfully utilised, via the company’s technologies, to produce highly loaded nanofibres.

As an additional planned phase, the Company will seek to apply these established manufacturing protocols to other rare cannabinoids.

Mr. Tabatabaei continued: “Our next phase of CBN research will involve the design of new and innovative products based on rare cannabinoid CBN…These will include our coffee products, alcohol replacement cocktail mixers, Hemp & Booch kombucha line and several other unique offerings, all based on the finest ingredients available.”


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