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Stressed elephants given CBD to boost their mood



Elephants at a polish zoo will be given doses of CBD in a groundbreaking research project.

The elephants at Warsaw zoo will be given CBD hemp oil as researchers study the effect it has on the animals’ mood.

The program came about after Erna – the head of the elephant herd – sadly passed away.

After her death, zookeepers reported that Fredzia the elephant was a bit stressed and having trouble finding her position in the herd.

The zoo has taken the opportunity to see if CBD will help reduce stress and make the elephants more comfortable.

The CBD oil will be mixed in with the elephant’s food or administered directly into their mouth.

Researchers will then measure the levels of cortisol – the hormone produced in the bodies of humans and animals in stressful situations – in the elephant’s blood and faeces.

Hemp extracts contain the non-psychoactive cannabidiol, the main ingredient from which CBD is derived.

It is widely-claimed to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety in humans.

The research project is being led by Dr Agnieszka Czujkowska, veterinarian at the Warsaw Zoo.

Announcing the project on the zoo’s website, Dr Czujkowska said: “We would like to see how CBD oils – hemp flower extracts – affect elephants.

“Like most zoos we do research and monitor the level of stress hormones in blood and stool and thanks to this we will know if these substances will help the elephants.

“Elephants sometimes have various conflicts with each other – sometimes the weather, sometimes it is caused by a changing environment –  many factors can make an elephant feel uncomfortable and stressed and this later causes undesirable behaviour.”

Dr Czujkowska continued: “This is a new research trend, but not only in zoos, dogs and racehorses are also being tested.

“The goal is to find a natural substance that will stabilise the situation when the animal is under stress.

“We want to avoid medications when possible and try to reduce stress by introducing variety such as food, toys and training.

“We want to add CBD oils to this to see if they really work and whether they will help our elephants.”


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