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Weed vending machines are a thing – everything you need to know



Cannabis vending machines are being rolled out across the US to bring the ‘ultimate convenient experience to new and seasoned marijuana users’.

Earlier this year US company EZ Weed purchased its first vending machine – American Green’s AGM vending solution – for the start of its venture teaming up with cannabis dispensaries across the country.

EZ Weed has been supplying the AGM Dispensing Vending Machines following their national launch and have already begun securing location agreements with some of the top dispensaries in the US.

The company was founded in January 2020 and is run by managing partner, Lauren Smee and backed by retired NFL Linebacker-turned-venture-capitalist, Lamarr Houston.

It came to fruition through a love of cannabis and Ms Smee’s knowledge in launching startups – with a new twist and groundbreaking sales method in the cannabis industry.

The average sales process in a dispensary can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes. With EZ Weed, the entire process, even as a first-time user, is said to take on average three to five minutes.

Ms Smee said: “Our partnership with American Green is vital in reaching our goal of becoming the first national and mainstream marijuana vending machine provider and service.

“The automation, humanless sales method, and intelligent vending capabilities of the AGM will allow us to scale for high growth.”

Besides the state-of-the-art machines, EZ Weed also provides its dispensary partners with “white glove” customer service as well as completely customisable digital marketing for each American Green AGM vending machine it provides.

She added: “We do all the work pertaining to custom menus, product display, machine maintenance and a dedicated account manager that remotely keeps track of machine sales and inventory.”

According to EZ Weed, serving cannabis users in an efficient manner has proven to be a challenge on a national level. With forward-thinking ideas the company hopes to enhance the sales process for new and seasoned cannabis users in America.

AGM division head, Lindel Cree said: “It was obvious to me from the minute they both arrived at the AGM facility, that both Ms Smee and Mr Houston knew exactly which machine features they required for their venture and, by the time they left the facility, both were convinced that American Green could provide them.

“American Green looks forward to a great long-term relationship with Ez Weed and believes that their expedient, reduced-human interaction is perfect for our country’s environment for today and years to come.”


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