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US company starts production of CBG



A leading US biotech company is to start production of the rare cannabinoid CBG.

Biotechnology company Demetrix has begun 15,000-liter demo-scale fermentation production of the rare cannabinoid cannibigerol (CBG).

The California-based company produces health and wellness products including rare, high-purity cannabinoids for pharmaceutical and consumer companies.

The company’s demo-scale production follows the successful completion of numerous pilot-scale fermentations and is a critical milestone towards the commercialization of rare cannabinoids for a range of safe, effective, and legal health and wellness products, from pharmaceuticals to skincare.

While there has been huge interest in common cannabinoids like THC and CBD in recent years, little is known about the more than 100 additional cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plants.

THC and CBD can each represent upwards of 30 percent of the plant’s dry flower, but rare cannabinoids like CBG are only present in minuscule quantities below one percent, making them hard to access and study, despite their incredible potential to improve people’s lives.

In the last three years, Demetrix has developed a fermentation technology platform that allows the company to produce high-purity rare cannabinoids faster, more sustainably, and more affordably than traditional methods.

CEO Jeff Ubersax said: “Demetrix believes in the power of science to make the world a better place. By bringing scientific rigor to the production and study of cannabinoids, we’re pioneering a future of safe, effective, and legal products that use these rare, incredibly promising compounds to improve the health and wellness of millions of people.

“Achieving demo scale production is a significant milestone that proves how fast and effective our team has been in solving some of the biggest challenges in producing cannabinoids with fermentation.  We’re well on our way to large scale commercialisation.”


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