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Meet the MEDA family: The smart way to drink



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MEDA, the premium CBD functional wellness drink brand, founded by Adam Feldheim, has extended its range of products as part of an ambitious growth strategy.

The full range now incorporates NO-LO mixers and a new ready-to-pour vodka Espresso Medatini, as well as its original functional wellness drinks.

Feldheim, an entrepreneur with almost 20 years’ experience in corporate finance and global market research, discovered the benefits of CBD as part of a balanced lifestyle in his native California.

Identifying a gap in the market, pairing CBD with nootropics, adaptogens and other nutrients to promote wellness and wellbeing, MEDA was born in January 2019. In its first year of business MEDA has worked tirelessly to develop a premium lifestyle brand that provides targeted and game- changing wellness.

The CBD market, already mainstream in the USA, is currently valued at just over £325 million in the UK and predicted to increase to £1 billion by 2025.

The benefits of cannabinoids like CBD are extensive, with the primary function of supporting endocannabinoid health, helping those who consume it to achieve homeostasis.

MEDA has worked with Mary Biles and Clarsissa Lenherr, a respected CBD expert and leading nutritionist respectively, enabling the brand to be an informative voice in the emerging CBD and wellness space.

Focussing specifically on functionality and balance, each of its wellness drinks are made up of a unique set of ingredients

that are recognised for their functionalities. Examples of this include the use of Ashwagandha and Lemon balm in ‘Calm’, to help lower cortisol and reduce stress; In ‘Recover,’ Turmeric and Vitamin D are added to improve muscle recovery and aid immunity.

Balance is also at the heart of the new NO-LO range. When mixed with spirits, MEDA NO-LO drinks provide a conscious alternative to the high sugar and calorific mixers that are commonly used, as well as the combination of CBD and alcohol providing additional benefits. The MEDA NO- LO mixers can also be enjoyed on their own, as a non- alcoholic drink.

Pre-bottled with premium vodka and ready-to-drink, The Medatini represents a twist on London’s most popular cocktail yet contains only half the sugar and calories of a standard espresso martini.

Created by Feldheim in collaboration with Luís Simões, former Beverage Director at Annabel’s in Mayfair, it guarantees a perfect pour and can be served traditionally in a martini glass or, for the summer, over ice as a refreshing, caffeinated CBD cocktail. Currently the range is available online directly via MEDA and in retail stockists including Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Revital and Daylesford Organic.

It is also served in some of London’s leading bars and restaurants including The Birley Group, The Ivy Collection, Chiltern Firehouse, The Arts Club, Park Chinois and Aqua Shard. The range is made in the UK and is vegan, with fully recyclable packaging.

An ambitious brand, led by Feldheim along with a team of seasoned advisors, MEDA is set for a pivotal year ahead with further product launches, lifestyle partnerships and collaborations to be announced.

The team also have plans to release Mixology Experience packages which customers will be able to order from the website for same day delivery in London and next day delivery across the UK, perfect for the boom in at-home entertaining.

These will include MEDA NO-LO mixers, alcohol spirits, and garnishes for you to create your very own bar experience at home.

To buy the Functional Wellness range, MEDA NO-LO or the Espresso Medatini, or for more information please visit: @medahuman


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