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Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in CBD sector



An entrepreneurial couple have launched a distilled non-alcoholic botanical CBD spirit.

Maria and Craig Hutchison’s aptly named Maria & Craig’s (M&C’s) blends premium CBD isolate from the US, with distilled sage, chamomile, juniper and orange blossom, alongside other natural botanicals.

The “astringent taste from the CBD blends well with the aromas and flavours from the botanical ingredients to create an exceptional drinking experience” the couple say.

The product is handcrafted in small batches in the UK, with the 500mL bottle containing 25mg of CBD.  The spirit is “best served over ice with premium tonic and garnished with fresh orange peel for a sense of refreshing calm”.

The couple say: “Understanding the considerable anxiety society feels at the moment, M&C’s remind us of the importance of taking some time out to unwind and enjoy the small pleasures life has to offer while sharing it with the ones we love.

“Appealing to adults who would like to encounter a drink without alcohol in a social setting, M&C’s aim is to enhance uplifting connections and treasure real moments, ensuring an emotional and calm drinking experience.”

The new product follows Maria and Craig’s  CEDER’S Distilled Non-Alcoholic Alt-Gin, and CELTIC SOUL Distilled Non-Alcoholic Dark Spirit.See for more info.


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