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‘Historic moment’ for cannabis thanks to Covid-19 boom



The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has helped transform cannabis from taboo to table-talk, says one industry insider.

Several CBD companies have claimed they saw online sales soar as Covid-19 hit, but those in the industry believe the pandemic could be transforming attitudes towards cannabinoids on a much greater scale.

With lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures resulting in pub closures, but anxieties still running high, CBD products are becoming the go-to to help cope with challenging times.

This is according to John Ramsay (pictured), CEO of American brand Infinite CBD, which has reported a significant spike in interest in the industry since the virus arrived in the US.

John, who has several years of experience in the CBD and technology sectors, believes the increase in information available online has allowed people – some who may have previously opposed cannabis – to do their own research and in some cases has shifted opinions.

“This is a historic moment for cannabis in general,” he told Cannabis Health.

“The increase in the sales and consumption of cannabis and hemp-based products, is a great illustration of how cannabinoids have become one of the go-tos when looking for something to help us cope with hard times and difficult conditions.

“Cannabis and hemp are becoming common table talk. With more time on their hands than ever, people who were previously opposed or unsure if cannabis would be a good fit for them are doing research, reading reviews and giving it a chance for themselves.”

John continued: “This is great news for the future of the industry, as people who were previously just curious have flocked to cannabis and hemp products to help improve their quality of life, even through the most challenging of times.

“This is eye opening considering the go-to would normally have been alcohol.”

A US survey earlier this year found that more than a quarter of Americans were drinking less during the lockdown, with 33 percent of respondents saying the main reason was the closure of pubs and bars.

This can only be a good thing for the cannabis industry, says John.

“I believe the long term effects of Covid on the industry will be mostly positive.

“With countless people giving cannabinoids a chance for their first time, or making the switch from a more damaging coping method, COVID has helped cannabis begin the transition from being taboo to more common,” he said.
Covid has had downsides for all industries, including cannabis, with trade shows cancelled and bricks and mortar stores hit particularly hard during the depths of lockdown.

However, John believes businesses have been quick to respond and the shift to online purchasing means consumers have more options, forcing companies to step up their game.

He said: “Not only will consumers have access to an endless amount of products as well as hundreds of articles and reviews to research, but the competition within each industry will now push companies to provide better products at a fair price, faster than ever before; otherwise be left behind by the newly informed consumer.”
Several clinical studies are also ongoing in the States in order to inform new regulations for CBD brands.

Infinite is currently involved in research to measure the effects of CBD on the liver with prolonged daily consumption, the findings of which will help provide much-needed rules and reassurance for both companies and consumers.

“Many clinical studies are taking place right now to feed data back to the FDA so they can provide some more clear guidelines of use and marketability within the CBD industry,” added John.

“The rise in research can only stand to help the cannabis industry thrive.”


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