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CBD brand steps up ‘For Murray’



A new CBD company is taking direct action to help eight-year-old Murray Gray access medical cannabis.

CBD brand Green Active is proving it’s as good as its word with the launch of a new campaign in honour of eight-year-old Murray Gray, who has a severe form of treatment-resistant epilepsy known as Doose syndrome.

Murray, from Edinburgh, has been seizure-free for the last 17 months since he has been taking full extract cannabis oil which he obtains via a private prescription.

But his family struggles to find £1,400 a month to fund his medication, which doctors have refused to prescribe on the NHS.

After seeing Murray’s story online, the co-founders of Green Active have pledged to dip into their own pockets to help his family cover the costs.

From Tuesday 3 November, any customers who shop on their website using the code ‘For Murray’ at the check-out, 100 percent of the profits from the sale will be donated to Murray’s prescription fund.

“When I look at the pictures of these children who have had their lives completely transformed by medical cannabis, I just can’t get behind the reasons why they are not being supported by the NHS,” Green Active co-founder Jo Devall told Cannabis Health.

“It’s frustrating to see that in the country we live in – when there’s such astounding evidence to support the actions of these mothers and fathers – that they are forced to source this exceptionally expensive medication.”

Jo continued: “We are in a position where we can actually do something, so instead of just scrolling by we’ve decided to take a stand.

“We built the business as a reflection of who we are and we have one main mandate – principles before profit. This is our first opportunity to be able to contribute something on a level that’s much greater than ourselves.”

Although the brand is still in its infancy, launching earlier this year, Murray is the first of what Jo hopes will be many more patients that they are able to help.

“We’re not just doing this for a day or a week, it will be something that we continue to drive and as we build awareness hopefully it will inspire other companies to do the same. It’s a good opportunity for the private sector to step in.”

He added: “The ideal scenario is that it’s enormously successful and we generate more money than needed for Murray and can move on to the next person. The bigger scope of what we want to do is bringing more and more awareness to what these families have to face.”

This is what the company is built for and if we can’t wake up and contribute then there’s no point doing business.

Murray’s mum Karen Gray said: “I’m very grateful that Jo contacted me and wants to help Murray. It means a lot that other people are invested in keeping Murray seizure free and out of hospital.”

She added: “It is appalling that the government and NHS don’t seem to care as much as Jo from Green Active and the general public.”

Visit the Green Active website and use the code ‘FORMURRAY’ at the checkout – shoppers will also receive 10 percent off their order.

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