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CBDGYM revolution: train harder and recover faster with CBD products to level up fitness



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A new CBD range is aiming to change the way people train and recover, with innovative performance-boosting natural formulations developed for people who love to move.

From the everyday gym goer to elite athletes, CBDGYM is made for those who want to train harder, train smarter and feel on top of their game. Created using specific formulations and infused with active ingredients, CBDGYM’s oils, supplements and muscle rubs are available to buy from January 2021.

CBDGYM is the brainchild of fitness industry veteran Richard North, who switched to a career in medical cannabis and CBD to become Managing Director of the first medical cannabis clinic chain in the UK in 2019.

“I’ve seen for myself how powerful CBD is, and when it comes to training and fitness, we’re only just beginning to see the life-changing impact CBD can make to people’s health and wellbeing.
We know that many people rely on over the counter painkillers when a natural alternative can be even more effective. There is overwhelming clinical evidence that CBD can reduce pain, support better sleep and its anti-inflammatory properties help your body to recover quicker.

With 10 million gym members in the UK and millions more exercising at home, we know that with CBDGYM we can help a lot of people, and support athletic performance at all levels by helping people train harder.”

CBDGYM’s mission is to help active people perform at their peak. A core focus of CBDGYM will be creating a community of exercisers who really understand the true benefits of CBD and what helps them perform at their very best.

Co-Founder Alex Lapthorne comes from running Europe’s first medical cannabis education platform, and has previously worked with industry leading technology companies on their education and training for pioneering sports technology.

“CBDGYM’s focus on education throughout our fitness community means people can truly understand what works for them and help them achieve their peak performance – we will empower consumers to select the right CBDGYM products for their needs.”

As parts of the UK return to localised lockdowns and with winter looming, CBDGYM is preparing to launch its products – four CBD oils and two nutritional supplements – in time for the fitness industry’s business time of year, January.

Visit and sign up to be the first to buy CBDGYM products in January 2021.

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