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Cooking up a storm



All the benefits of CBD, in delicious home cooked recipes? According to one CBD chef it is possible to have your cake and eat it.

Far from the ‘space cakes’ or ‘hash brownies’, CBD chef Ian Lloyd is cooking up a treat in the kitchen.

From mouth watering chocolate cake to healthy overnight oats and TGIF margaritas, his recipes  not only taste good, but could also help improve sleep, ease digestion and relieve pain – along with a myriad of other benefits touted by CBD users.

Over the last two years Ian, who owns the brand Natural Strains, has been combining his two great passions – cooking and CBD – and he suspects it’s only a matter of time before we’re all doing the same.

“I’m really passionate about the benefits of CBD and many people don’t realise how easy it is to incorporate it into food,” he says.

“I want to demonstrate that it can be a tasty and effective way to reap all the benefits of CBD in an enjoyable way.

“Many of the same medicinal positives found by using CBD can be enjoyed by consuming it as an oil or hemp flower.

“It’s versatile, it’s tasty and it’s easy to incorporate into most recipes. People shouldn’t be afraid of enjoying themselves in the kitchen and trying something new.

CBD edibles are by no means a new concept, with a flurry of gummies, chocolates bars, coffee and beverages hitting the market in recent years.

But using it in your own recipes is a great way to make it more accessible for those who might be put off by the taste or texture of oils, wary of supplements or for anyone who struggles to incorporate it into their daily routine, says Ian.

“There has been a lot of progress in recent years in making CBD more accessible, but ultimately it’s important to give customers as much of a choice as possible,” he continues.

“Some people have told me they are a little put off by the earthy taste you can get with some products. It made me think that there must be a way to remove that barrier and allow people to enjoy delicious food while also reaping the benefits of CBD.

“Putting a few drops of CBD into a recipe for a tasty chocolate cake or a refreshing cocktail is easy to do and can make it more enjoyable to consume.”

Ian uses a variety of CBD products in his recipes, from oils added to his cake mixture and pancake batter and hemp flower in his hot chocolate, with around 15mg of CBD per serving.

“Food is such an important part of all our lives and for some of us, mealtimes are one of the best times of the day, says Ian.

“Lots of us are working from home at the minute, so we have more time to create home-cooked meals rather than settling for a sandwich meal deal at lunchtime.”

With the rise in CBD sales since the coronavirus pandemic, and the huge take up of lockdown baking (banana bread, anyone?) perhaps it is inevitable that more people experiment with combining the two to tackle their covid-related anxiety.

“Instagram and Facebook feeds are packed with food content because people enjoy looking at nice meals and getting inspiration to try something new for themselves. It’s only logical that the huge rise in popularity we have seen with CBD will correspond with the boom in food content, especially when people realise how easy it is to combine them both,” Ian adds.

“Finding ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine is important, but apart from anything else, who doesn’t love a slice of chocolate cake once in a while?”

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