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Cannabis products make ‘most popular’ gifts this Christmas



An increasing number of people are gifting cannabis products this season

Cannabis products have come out on top as this year’s most popular Christmas gifting trend, according to a US poll.

A new consumer poll in the US has revealed that gifting cannabis products is the latest festive trend.

According to the California-based poll, more than 630 respondents cited flowers, edibles and pre-rolls as the top choices for Christmas gifts, along with CBD products.

The majority of respondents also stated that they plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis during the holidays.

More than half of those asked, stated that they plan to give cannabis or cannabis-related products as gifts during the 2020 festive season. When asked who they planned to give cannabis gifts to, friends (71 percent) topped the list, with family members (65 percent) coming in at a close second and significant others (41 percent) third.

Nearly two out of three respondents said they plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis during the holidays, with an additional 16.5 percent answering “undecided”.

Consumers also note a dramatic change from last year with 67 percent stating that their replacement of alcohol consumption with cannabis will be greater than in 2019.

According to Glass House Group’s holiday poll results, the primary cannabis or cannabis-related products that respondents plan to gift this holiday season are flower (66 percent), edibles (61 percent), pre-rolls (55 percent) and CBD products (32 percent).

The number one cited reason for consumption being a better night’s sleep, followed by general wellness and “just for fun” coming in as the third most popular reason.

Over half of respondents also reported cannabis consumption for managing holiday stress with a large percentage also consuming to celebrate the holiday season. Pain relief and enhancing creativity were closely behind.

The poll was carried out by US cannabis company, Glass House Group.

Co-founder and CEO Kyle Kazan commented: “As we close out another groundbreaking year for cannabis, this new poll reveals gifting cannabis products is one of the hottest consumer trends this holiday season.

“We’re witnessing a paradigm shift and the poll shows that cannabis is becoming a mainstream choice for consumers. With health and wellness top of mind during the ongoing pandemic, it’s also not shocking that more consumers plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis this year. As we make our way into 2021, we will look forward to rolling out new products from Glass House Farms and continuing to provide new insights into the fastest-growing consumer movement our country has seen in nearly a century.”


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