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CiiTECH grant to boost cannabis education in UK



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Leading cannabis and research company CiiTECH Ltd has committed an educational grant to the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, as part of its 2021 mission to further support cannabis education among medical professionals in the UK.

Teaming up with the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS), will allow CiiTECH to place a heavier focus on professional education while remaining dedicated to its consumer brands customers and niche product developments.

CiiTECH is a privately held British-Israeli company, dedicated to researching and developing cannabinoid wellness products for customers in the UK. The firm currently focuses on CBD, a non-intoxicating naturally occurring compound derived from organic, legally grown hemp plants.

The industry in the UK will go through many upheavals and changes this year relating to the sale of CBD and prescribed medical cannabis. Now more than ever, the UK needs leaders like the MCCS to guide the professional clinicians, nurses and all medical professionals.   

“We love good clear regulation, however regulation without education is doomed to fail.  We believe the MCCS is in the best place to provide that pillar of leadership and clarity,” said Clifton Flack, founder and CEO of CiiTECH.

“As Novel Food regulations roll out in the UK this year, we expect our best selling high strength CBD products to end up marketed in the same framework as medical cannabis. CiiTECH expects its most established and flagship brand Provacan to remain as one of the most trusted CBD brands in the UK.”

The partnership with MCCS allows CiiTECH to connect the closely related industries through education, scientific research, and new developments. 

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS)

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is an academically independent not for profit organisation dedicated to sharing practical knowledge and developing transparent and independent doctors’ guidelines. 

The MCCS chair and neurologist Professor Mike Barnes, expressed his gratitude for the grant, commenting: “We are very grateful for this generous grant for our work in training and educating doctors and healthcare professionals in the science and art of cannabis as a medicine.”

The grant will enhance research and help further patient consultation, prescribing methods, and treatment information. 

Working to Bring New Hope for Medical Cannabis in the UK

Medical cannabis has a personal connection for many members of the CiiTECH team and for MCCS executive director Hannah Deacon, who is also MCCS’s coordinator and patient advocate.

Deacon’s son, Alfie Dingley, has severe epilepsy and medical cannabis has provided renewed hope. Before the cannabinoid-based medication, he experienced up to 150 seizures weekly.

Sara Adelman, CiiTECH’s VP of brand marketing, who will be leading the grant project with the two companies said: “We look forward to this collaborative effort. Working with the combined knowledge and experience of both teams brings a new ray of hope and further opens the pathway to medical cannabis in the UK.”

Alongside this grant, CiiTECH has launched a Pharmacy education course for CBD and medical cannabis to solidify its place in the UK’s educational framework. The unique online course has been designed to provide comprehensive knowledge on cannabis, it will also include critical but simple responses to the most sensitive patient queries.

CiiTECH Pharmacy Education Course

Part of CiiTECH’s dedication and commitment to the industry includes education. The Pharmacy Education Course helps bridge the gap between pharmacists, who have been largely ignored as cannabis has expanded to the UK market, and the patients relying on this credible information from their Pharmacists.

The course covers hundreds of years of medical science covering cannabis and the benefit of cannabinoids in wellness. 

The education also consists of a deep dive into CBD, different methods to use cannabinoid products, risks and contraindications that pharmacists need to understand. In addition, it covers an area that’s still confusing to most patients and professionals, dosing. 

This course has been trialed by the MCCS and Maple Tree Global Medical Cannabis Experts with glowing recommendations. 

“It is really excellent, the best course of its type I have seen. Clear, simple to operate, and thorough,” added Professor Barnes.

With thought leaders and experts such as CiiTECH and MCCS working together and paving the way in the industry, the UK is sure to set the cannabis world an example of a regulated industry that protects its consumers and brings together the best in the industry to ensure proper education, research and regulated products.