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Can CBD help you age better?



Dr Harrison Weisinger
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Dr Harrison Weisinger, co-founder of Truth Origins, shares his insight into the role that CBD and other natural supplements play in slowing down the ageing process.

Adding Vitamin A to our routine, drinking more water, trying every cream under the sun – most of us have tried to reverse the effects of ageing at one time or another, most of the time with great expense and not much luck.

But there is one solution which is emerging to help us age better – CBD and associated supplements.

Dr Harrison Weisinger – or Dr Harry, as he is more commonly known – is a family doctor who has committed his life to improving human health and performance, with special interests in nutrition and longevity.

Along with his childhood best friend and business partner, Trent Scanlen, Dr Harry is a popular advocate of the use of CBD supplements for anti-ageing and many other purposes. The duo are so passionate, in fact, that they launched the Truth Supplements brand to share their knowledge and dedication to improving human health.

A sub-brand of Truth Supplements, Truth Naturals offers an array of 100 percent natural, organic CBD products, ranging from oils and sprays to gumdrops.

The pair have also developed the Truth Origins range –100 percent plant-based, immune-supporting supplements. The mission of the brand, they say, is simple: “To innovate and create natural solutions for people in search of optimal health and wellbeing.”

Dr Harry recently fronted a presentation on health optimisation, titled ‘How can we age better’, where he discussed how a variety of CBD products can affect our health and how we mature.

In the webinar, Dr Harry declared that “life expectancy without drugs and supplements is closer to 30 years than 100 years of age” – but how exactly can CBD, and other supplements, have that much of an impact?

According to Dr Harry, the biggest problems we face today revolve around stress, anxiety and insomnia; pain, inflammation and chronic disease; and nutrient deficiencies – a proclamation which many of us would agree with.

By tackling each of these issues through its impact on receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD could help us decrease the effect these factors have on how we age.

The ECS is thought to affect a range of psychological and physiological functions, including appetite, mood, immune function, pleasure and pain – and by interacting with the system, CBD can regulate these.

Prior research has shown that CBD usage can ease symptoms in chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and MS, as well as improving sleep quality.

In terms of its psychological effects, several studies have found that CBD can reduce stress and improve our overall quality of life  – both of which affect how we age physically, as well as mentally.

In a range of formats and with varying levels of potency, the Truth CBD supplements promise to tackle these issues with “guaranteed purity, transparency and efficacy”. Its Rest, Recover and Rise range, in particular, is made up of 100 percent natural, organically grown CBD to be used both at night and along with drinks through the day.

Another popular solution is the brand’s CBD oil, which has proven results in customers suffering from chronic back pain thanks to its rich hemp oil blend, which features no THC and won’t offer unpleasant ‘high’ feelings.

The rest of the range targets ailments ranging from arthritis and vitamin deficiencies to insomnia, while also boosting the immune system.

By targeting these ‘problem areas’ and reducing our aches and pains, it’s likely that CBD can play a role in improving both our physical and mental health, which in turn will help us age better.