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How this brand is “setting a new standard” for CBD in Europe



Janus is currently working with a range of professional athletes, including UFC fighter Leon Edwards

The online wellbeing platform, Elements of Green, has launched its first line of CBD products under the brand Janus, which it hopes will “set a new standard” for CBD products in Europe.

The company says its Janus range aims to help people with “everyday goals”, including fitness, recovery, relaxation and general wellness.

The brand is launching with a range of tinctures, capsules and cosmetics under two product lines: Janus Organics and Janus Elite.

The latter has both professional and amateur sportspeople in mind. The isolate-based range has a higher-than-average potency (up to 3,000mg CBD) to aid fitness fans in their recovery and relaxation after intense workouts.

The company is currently working with a number of professional athletes, including Leon Edwards, a professional mixed martial artist ranked at number three in the UFC welterweight rankings.

“We’d like to build a community of fitness enthusiasts,” president of Elements of Green, Julian Davies, tells Cannabis Health.

“At the head of that we have these amazing elite athletes who are doing this unbelievable sport, which requires huge levels of fitness and endurance.

“But whether you’re an elite athlete, like those guys, or whether you’re just a fitness fan, what we try to do with Janus Elite is build up a world around supporting an active lifestyle.”

The Janus Organics range takes a more holistic approach to wellbeing, offering consumers a range of zero percent THC, full-spectrum products. These oils and capsules incorporate the entire plant and its multitude of compounds, including cannabinoids, oils and terpenes in addition to CBD.

Janus products are currently available exclusively from the Elements of Green website; however, Davies says the company intends to partner up with bricks and mortar retailers as the UK and Europe emerge from lockdown. The brand also hopes to build new partnerships with professional athletes like Edwards to help push the brand forward.

Julian Davies – President of Elements of Green

Davies adds: “I can’t tell you how excited I am about being able to get back out into the world. It means that people can start getting back into exercise, start getting back to the gyms, and we can start doing even more with the athlete partnerships that we’re building.”

Elements of Green was launched in 2020 after its founders identified a gap in the market for a retailer that provides a “personal touch”. Formed by a team of CBD advocates, the retailer says it trials and tests each product they sell.

“The idea behind Elements of Green was to build a trusted retailer; a trusted place for people to come and look at all aspects of CBD,” Davies explains.

“I think the gap that Elements of Green tries to fit is that desire for personal endorsement and careful curation of products. So, when a consumer comes through our website, they know that we’re only working with credible, transparent, and ethical businesses.”

The company hopes that it can help guide people who are new to CBD through the journey of discovering the supplement. In addition to selling products, the site also aims to provide reliable information and educational resources to keep its customers clued up on CBD.

“We’ve built the online platform to make sure that we’re giving people as much knowledge and information about CBD as possible and we’ve been on quite a rapid trajectory from building that up,” Davies says.

“People coming to the website are looking to use it as a credible source of information.”

Although the company launched amongst challenging circumstances, it has had a successful first year and is now selling products across the UK and Europe, including Germany and Poland.

“We’ve launched at an interesting and difficult time,” Davies continues.

“It’s a relatively new business but we’re building out as fast as possible. Obviously, the category is moving incredibly quickly; a year in CBD is like four or five years in other FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) sectors. It’s a rapid evolution for us.”

Looking ahead, Davies says the company has ambitious plans to become Europe’s most popular online repository of CBD products. Over the coming year as the world emerges from lockdown, the company aims to recruit new team members and expand its reach in Europe.

“Hopefully the only way is up,” Davies adds.


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