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Do you use cannabis medicines to help with chronic back pain?



A new event will explore using cannabis medicines to help the symptoms of chronic back pain. 

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If you use cannabis medicines to help with the agony of chronic back pain, BackCare and Integro Medical Clinics are inviting you to share your story. 

The National Back Pain Association, (more commonly known as BackCare or Back Pain UK) and Integro Medical Clinics are delighted to host an expert event webinar on using cannabis medicines to help the symptoms of chronic back pain. 

A panel of the UK’s leading back pain experts including Dr Basil Almahdi, Dr Brian Hammond PhD, and Dr Anthony Ordman will discuss the topic and offer real insight and advice to both back pain sufferers and health care providers.

If you suffer from back pain, be it through injury, wear and tear, musculoskeletal disorders such as scoliosis, axial spa, or spina bifida or as a consequence of another underlying health condition such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or cancer and currently use cannabis medicines to relieve your pain please get in touch.

We are collating individuals’ true stories to share amongst the back pain community and highlight cannabis medicines as a real alternative to traditional clinical approaches to solving back pain.

If you or someone you know has a story and you would like to share experiences, please send through your contact details & we will be in touch.


The free Event Webinar will take place on Tuesday 25 May from 7pm-8.30pm register here


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