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Data reveals rise in patients looking for medical cannabis



Leafwell looked at the habits and makeup of 15,000 medical cannabis patients.
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New data analysis from a US-based medical cannabis platform has shone a light on how patients use the treatment.

Leafwell, an online platform that helps patients access medical cannabis, looked at the habits and makeup of 15,000 patients.

The data-crunching revealed a 1,211 percent increase in the number of patients being certified of medical cannabis online via the platform in 2020.

Males were the more likely to obtain cannabis treatments (55.5 percent) and the average age of the company’s patients was 38-years-old.

Chronic pain and anxiety were by far and away the most commons conditions cited by people using Leafwell – 43.86 percent and 40.6 percent respectively.

Insomnia (19.06 percent), post-traumatic stress disorder (17.72 percent) and depression (10.43 percent) were also regularly cited.

Leafwell founder and CEO Emily Fisher said: “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, medical cannabis has been considered an essential service in many regions of the US.

“These days, more people than ever are suffering from qualifying health conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD and depression.”