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“A collective voice for the sector”: New cannabis body launched in bid to end ‘infighting’



Professor Mike Barnes founded the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

A new organisation has been launched in a push to bring together the UK cannabis industry.

Initiated by leading clinician Professor Mike Barnes, the Cannabis Industry Council would represent companies working in the industry and provide a unified voice for the sector.The organisation will follow the lead of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society – also founded by Barnes – and work on a one-member-one-vote basis.

Other trade bodies are already in operation but the proposed new body seeks to bring an end to what Barnes describes as ‘factions’ and ‘infighting’.

In an open letter pitching the idea to the industry, Barnes wrote: “The idea is to bring together (virtually for now but soon in person) all those disparate organisations, businesses, and groups working in many different ways to promote the “cause” of medicinal cannabis and hemp CBD.

The cannabis industry is growing every year

“We envisage this forum as a collective voice and a trusted gateway for, and by, the sector.

“Maybe we come from different perspectives, and perhaps we will not fully agree with each other’s approach.

“No matter – what I am sure we all agree is that we want a vibrant, high-quality, patient-centric and profitable industry for the UK.”

As well as industry figures, the invitation has also been extended to representatives from Whitehall and health regulators.

The UK cannabis market – both in the medical and lifestyle sectors – is growing rapidly following regulatory changes and the limited legalisation of prescription for cannabis-based pharmaceuticals in 2018

According to one estimate calculated by pressure group Prohibition Partners, the UK cannabis market could be worth more than £2bn by 2024.


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