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First Cannabis Research Class hailed a success

The Cannabis Research Class at Berlin’s Humboldt University is celebrating its first year of graduates.



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Fifteen students completed the class, focusing on three key research areas

The Cannabis Research Class at Berlin’s Humboldt University is celebrating its first year of graduates.

The interdisciplinary research class was launched at Humboldt University in Berlin in spring 2020, to encourage young scientists to research medical cannabis.

Fifteen students have now completed the class, focusing on three research areas – the medical and nutritional effect of cannabis, the legalisation and economic frameworks and production. 

One group, led by Professor Christian Ulrichs, analysed the plant protection, nutrients, fertilisation and the effects of changes in the THC and CBD content of the cannabis plant under a wide range of conditions.

Professor Dr Caroline Stokes, head of the Food and Health research group at HU Berlin and her team, studied the nutritional properties of hemp and the status of medical cannabis in chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and psychosis. 

A third group explored current academic and policy debates regarding the production, consumption, and regulation of cannabis in a series of podcast interviews. 

“We are all excited about the cannabis research class,” said Prof Ulrichs.

“For the students as well as us as a faculty, the collaboration was an enrichment and a great benefit in every respect. I was particularly impressed by the determination of the students, who went to great lengths even in the difficult times of the pandemic. 

“I am pleased about these young, talented students who have started their doctorate at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, but also at other institutions following this class. Some are furthering their research on medical cannabis which is testament to the success of this programme.”

Dr Alex Gille, president of Aurora Europe, which funded the class, commented: “We were amazed by the results and commitment of the scholars. They have shown in many ways how one can take a more differentiated view of medical cannabis and how many open questions can still be explored and researched. 

“I am confident that the still prevalent stigma and prejudices surrounding medical cannabis can be overcome by collaborating with young scientists and leading scientific institutions.”

More information and results can found at 

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