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Berlin-based firm promises ‘fast track access’ to European market

The company helps international cultivators break into the continent’s growing sector



Philip Schetter, Florian Holzapfel of Cantourage. Credit: Associated Press
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A German firm has launched a new platform to help cannabis cultivators from across the globe enter the European market.

Cantourage was founded with the aim of giving cultivators around the world the tools they need to break into the growing sector.

At least 10 cultivators from countries as varied as Jamaica, Portugal and Uruguay are already using the firm’s services to attain ‘fast track access’ to the continent’s market.

Cantourage allows suppliers to sell their product under their own brand heading but with logistical support behind the scenes through its ‘disruptor’ platform, as well as marketing.

Complex regulations are a significant barrier for international firms looking to set up shop in Europe.

Despite some harmonisation through the EU, laws and bureaucratic systems vary significantly from one country to the next, setting up a series of hoops for companies to jump through.

The importance of key non-EU markets like the UK and Switzerland further adds to the regulatory pressures on new arrivals.

Philip Schetter, co-CEO of Cantourage, said: “We look forward to expanding our offering with the launch of our platform, which kicks off with more than 10 partners from all continents.

“The current European market is dominated by just a few companies.

“Market entrants face many hurdles when trying to enter these profitable markets. We empower cultivators and offer them fast-tracked, secure European market access, while helping them grow their brand.”

The company is already profitable and ‘set up to scale at high speed’ after closing its Series B funding round which was led by long term partner Think.Health Venture

Cantourage boasts a team which has ’25-plus years of experience’ and a ‘deep understanding of the market’.

Dr. Florian Holzapfel, co-founder, said: “Our platform expands and enhances the offering to patients and healthcare providers in Europe, in terms of both product and pricing.

“More importantly, Cantourage guarantees the highest European quality standards for flowers from all over the world. We are set to revolutionise the market.”