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Global firm pledges $25 million to fund medical cannabis research

It’s launched a nationwide call for researchers seeking medical cannabis for their studies. 



Clever Leaves has announced the launch of a US focused research initiative, Project Change Lives.

A major multinational cannabinoid producer has pledged $25 million to fund medical cannabis research.

The global producer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids, Clever Leaves has announced the launch of a US focused research initiative, Project Change Lives.

The company has pledged to contribute up to USD$25,000,000 retail value of medical cannabis products to any eligible US organisation to help advance scientific research into the potential medical benefits of cannabinoids. 

Through its sponsorship of the project, Clever Leaves will provide a historic amount of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to leading research institutions in one of the most advanced markets in the world.

Clever Leaves is looking to supply up to 250,000 bottles of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oils or approximately five tonnes of medical cannabis flower that will help research institutions develop new therapies.

To eliminate an additional impediment to the advancement of scientific knowledge around cannabis, this research material will be provided at no cost to Clever Leaves’ research partners. 

The Company is teaming up with Biopharmaceutical Research Company, a company which holds federal licenses for importing, analysing and manufacturing controlled substances, as its importer of record. 

Clever Leaves plans to begin working with US investigators immediately and initiate their efforts with a research study focused on the DNA sequencing of a variety of their cannabis cultivars.

Kyle Detwiler, CEO of Clever Leaves, commented: “Due to legal restrictions, the US cannabis industry has faced decades worth of research delays on top of cannabis product shortages or lack of diversity of high-quality products, and the industry would greatly benefit from companies such as Clever Leaves providing affordable, pharmaceutical-grade, EU GMP certified medical cannabis for research purposes. 

“In addition to clearing hurdles in research, Project Change Lives hopes to create new opportunities for the advancement of medical treatments and patient access by allowing legal cannabis ingredients and pharmaceuticals to cross borders freely.”

Clever Leaves is launching, in close collaboration with a distinguished scientific and medical review panel, a nationwide call for proposals from researchers at universities and accredited facilities seeking medical cannabis to conduct their studies. 

Organisations and researchers interested in participating can apply and learn more at 



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