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CBD has positive effect on quality of life, say consumers

A new report reveals emerging trends in fastest-growing cannabis markets



CBD products
Since the introduction of CBD products into the UK market they have proven popular

A first-of-its-kind report reveals that the majority of consumers believe CBD to have a positive effect on their quality of life, among other emerging trends.

New Frontier Data, an analytics firm specialising in the global cannabis industry has released a new report examining cannabis regulations in North America and Europe.

The report, produced in collaboration with SōRSE Technology, reveals emerging trends and compares the evolving regulations of two of the fastest-growing cannabis and CBD markets across the globe.

It highlights that years of prohibition and an international illicit market have presented distinct challenges for establishing, standardising and regulating legal markets, and that as the industry matures, contradictory regulations will impact the global market’s trajectory.

Since the introduction of CBD products into the UK market in 2018, they have proven popular with consumers in the country.

The report reveals that the majority of consumers say CBD has a positive effect on their quality of life – using CBD to unwind, for medical treatment, pain management and general wellness.

However, in the largely unregulated UK marketplace, consumers cited the quality of products as one of their primary concerns.

The report discusses the impact of the classification of CBD as a Novel Food in the UK in 2019, and notes that, at the same time, the CBD market was relatively nascent in Europe. Despite this, it reveals that total spending on CBD surpassed expectations in both Germany, at €1.83bn, and in the UK, at €1.71bn. 

The report states that: “Inconsistent regulations have allowed a patchwork landscape for CBD products to spread across Europe.” And that “Differences in respective countries’ allowable THC-levels require producers seeking region-wide distribution to either customise formulations accordingly or to develop products compliant with the most stringent regulations. Such inconsistencies will likely continue to vex suppliers and marketers of CBD products for years to come.”

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