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Hawaii bans some hemp-extract products including CBD gummies

Hawaii becomes the latest US state to ban smokeable hemp alongside CBD gummies, food and drink.



Hawaii: A row of rainbow coloured gummy bears

CBD edibles, drinks and smokable hemp are now banned in Hawaii under the new legislation.

The interim rules restrict sales to tinctures, tablets, capsules, powders and topicals. The new processing rules introduced earlier this month were issued by the state’s Department of Health. Processors are charged US$500 a year and required to be 500 feet away from schools, parks or neighbourhoods.

The ban will be a blow to businesses already producing these products or selling them. Businesses found selling the newly banned hemp products may face a fine of up to US$10,000 for each offence. Their products may also be removed from stores.

Hemp production was authorised in 2019 but this closed last year with an estimated 57 growers.

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Other states

Hawaii is not the only state restricting the sale of certain hemp products.

Iowa passed a bill that allows some forms of CBD but prohibits the sale or possession of smokable hemp flowers. Texas has also made changes to the industry which allows personal possession and consumption of hemp flower but bans retail or production. The ban forces consumers to order hemp or CBD products from other states while local farmers cannot produce products.

Kentucky banned sales of hemp cigarettes, cigars and flowers in 2018 and in Louisiana, smoking hemp is also prohibited.

However, in May 2019, Indiana passed a bill banning smokeable hemp. This was challenged by local business owners who claimed it was in violation of the Farm Bill 2018. While an injunction was initially granted, it has since been overturned due to legal technicalities. The ban caused disruption for hemp farmers entering the industry. It appears that the ban is now in place while other states, such as Hawaii, are rushing to introduce their own legislation.

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