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Elite Growth aims at the Premier League for patients

Elite Growth is on a mission to transform the global medical cannabis market. Its team of experts and industry veterans reveal how.



Elite Growth
Elite Growth is on a mission to transform the global medical cannabis market

With access for patients at its heart, Elite Growth is on a mission to transform the global medical cannabis market. Here, its team of experts and industry veterans reveal how.


Elite Growth is on a rapid expansion mission, investing geographically in people, facilities and resources in order to become a full-service leader in end-to-end cannabinoid production.

The company aims to specialise clinical, wellbeing, lifestyle and technology solutions in order to have quality and business control over the entire journey from product source to consumer use. 

The team is focussed on delivering medical and non-medical services and products for families and individuals, ranging from clinical support for a range of severe conditions, to making more informed healthy lifestyle choices and living them.

Elite Growth

Liam McGreevy, CEO of Elite Growth.

But how can one company be expert in so many areas? Easily explained, according to industry veteran Liam McGreevy, CEO of Elite Growth.

“Elite is not one company, but several interconnected and highly complementary Elite companies, bringing together products and services that perfectly serve each other and the company’s growers, manufacturers, scientists, suppliers, clinicians, clients and patients,” he said.

“We are proactively acquiring companies that complement our core businesses, Elite Growth, Pharmaco, Biotech and Activus, building upon a fifteen year track record of successfully delivering clinical products and systems into the health and wellness industries. We decided that the time is right to accelerate our growth exponentially with a stronger management team, new investment and a new vision for what is needed in this industry. This strategic re-focus has allowed us to become very clear about what we need to do to deliver better solutions for patients and clients across a range of related sectors. 

“We have now seamlessly dovetailed all the expertise we need to achieve our goals, so that we can count and call upon medical, legal, intellectual property, technology, sales, distribution, growth, scientific formulation, NPD, marketing, communications, public affairs, public relations and finance, all from within our own resources. This approach delivers huge value to us and to all of our stakeholders, and because we are a lean, dynamic and decisive team, we are already delivering very fast ideation-and-discovery into real business delivery and revenues, all with patient health and customer wellbeing at front of mind.”

Fighting for access

Elite Growth

Robin Emerson, COO, Elite Growth

Robin Emerson, COO of Elite Growth is best known in the public eye for being a tireless and successful patient advocate for the legalisation in the UK of prescription medical cannabis for the treatment of refractory epilepsy. 

The eventual passing into law of the Act of Parliament in November 2018 led to Robin’s baby daughter, Jorja Emerson, becoming the first child patient in the United Kingdom to be prescribed and receive life-saving medication after the law change, in December 2018. This was generously supplied by Aphria (now Tilray) for her chronic refractory epilepsy condition, thereby opening the pathway for thousands of other patients to have equal access to NHS doctors to prescribe CBD and other natural plant based medications. 

The passion with which the dynamic Elite management team is carrying the flame for patients is intense, all five co-founders clearly believe that despite their successes to date, the campaign for equal access to NHS medication for patients with conditions including chronic pain management, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, PTSD and others, is far from over. 

World-class products

Demonstrating the company’s breadth and interoperability of expertise is Dr Monica Vialpando, chief science officer, Elite Growth.

Dr Monica Vialpando, chief science officer, Elite Growth.

Monica is pharmaceutically trained and highly respected for her new product and device development expertise around the globe and explains her aspirations for the Group.

“One of the major challenges for patients self-treating with CBD and other natural medicines is having absolute control in dosing selection and delivery systems,” she commented.

“My work in this area has seen the creation of several important design, systems and formulations patents and we are working on ever more innovative and intelligent ways to make patient’s experiences pleasurable, easy and safe. At Elite we see huge growth potential in the area of inhalation and vaping for medical purposes and are working towards enhancing our existing suite of products with game-changing designs and delivery systems.”

Ahead of the game

Martin McDonald, chief marketing officer of Elite Growth explained the thinking behind the new Elite ‘Infinity’ brand identities and why they are important to driving the company’s international business recognition, development and growth aspirations.

“We are fully committed to deliver on our growth strategy and are doing this through organic development and intelligent acquisitions to rapidly grow our business portfolio in ways that give us total control, from source to shelf, clinicians and customers,” he said.

Elite Growth

Martin McDonald, chief marketing officer of Elite Growth

“As we accelerate our Group businesses towards delivering our initial eight-figure revenue objectives we are writing significant deals in multiple countries with brilliant people, partners and investors. Our aspirations can be seen at the heart of our palindromic Elite brand, which is an infinity 8 design representing our limitless possibilities, total transparency and openness to doing business. 

“Our brand speaks to all of our stakeholders, reminding them who we are and why we are doing what we are doing, together. We are already putting the brand to work and will shortly be announcing top-flight sports and other partnerships where we know that our brand will complement these established brands in a way that respects all involved.”

Giving something back

As part of its giving back community commitments, the Elite management team has set up the Jorja Foundation, an NGO that will be helping other parents of children like Jorja Emerson to get immediate access to the help they need.

Soco Miranda, chief finance officer, Elite Growth

Soco Miranda, chief finance officer at Elite Growth explained: “Robin and Jorja’s story and struggle to get the life-saving treatment she needed is truly heart-breaking. We decided that we want to provide through a charitable and totally non-profit organisation assistance to obtain consultations, special needs equipment, family counselling, and medical cannabis prescriptions. Via our group company Elite Activus, our Jorja Botanicals range of creams, oils and gummies, will make a direct contribution to the Jorja Foundation for every sale we make. 

“In addition, we are currently inviting companies and individuals to join our mission to literally ease the pain by getting involved and making contributions to the Jorja Foundation and are looking forward to announcing these strategic partnerships very soon.”

For more information visit


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How The Good Level is changing the UK CBD market for the better

The brand is bringing new energy to the UK CBD market



The Good Level CBD founders
The Good Level CBD founders, Joe and Jonny

The Good Level is bringing new energy to the UK CBD market by focusing on quality, local products and supporting British farming.

The Good Level is a UK-based CBD company actively working to improve cannabidiol production and distribution in the UK. It works closely with operators throughout the supply chain and builds personal relationships with farmers to deliver higher quality products to customers.

The Good Level’s founders were suffering first hand as a result of the wildly varying standard of CBD within the UK market. They discovered several issues that appeared to be common across the industry, such as the reliance on imported hemp, majorly from China and the USA, alongside poor hygiene practices and chemical extraction techniques.

This discovery gave the brand’s founders, Joe and Jonny, an idea. Instead of following standard business practice and importing hemp from overseas, they would create a brand that offered customers the quality that they themselves wanted locally. Most importantly, led by farmers they had met and chemists they could trust.

“We don’t rely on farming and extraction methods by growers that we have never met and farms that we have never seen,” Joe and Jonny say.

Instead, they focus on developing personal relationships with farmers and vetting all sources.

During their search for CBD, the pair found it “incredibly difficult” to find the right oil. They wanted “something that tickled all [their] boxes” but couldn’t find anything suitable. They discovered that quality varied dramatically from brand to brand, and even batch to batch.

Originally, Joe and Jonny made CBD oil for their own benefit. But they soon saw that their products could benefit a large number of other people who were also searching for quality CBD made in Britain

Joe’s journey toward CBD began in 2016, reading through a journal article discussing the medicinal applications within infantile epilepsy. He had stumbled across the article following numerous accounts from comics in the US proclaiming the stark benefits regular CBD use has brought to their active lifestyles. Once he had seen the science had matched the stories, he tried it for himself and hasn’t looked back since.

Jonny found CBD independently after discovering how it can potentially help people with active lifestyles. He had tried several other high street products, but none of them had worked in the way that he had hoped.

These experiences encouraged Joe and Jonny to build their own brand. They began scouring the UK for farmers who could provide them with the inputs that they required to set up their firm and soon found one in Somerset. They vetted his growing and extraction processes to ensure that his methods were able to support their wellbeing and before long, “family and friends saw the benefits of adhering to such a high quality process.”

Now, the pair say the same process is available to the public.

The Good Level team welcomed the addition of new brand ambassador, Shanaze Read, in August 2021. Shanaze, who is a three-time UCI BMX World Champion & two-time Team Sprint World Champion, hopes to leverage her experience and network to change public opinion of cannabis-based products.

The Good Level offers full-spectrum CBD made of hemp from high-quality UK-based growers to customers throughout the country. It avoids imports and ensures that its oils retain the full terpene content of the hemp plant – constituents which may confer additional health benefits beyond cannabinoids alone.

For more information about the brand, please visit Email at or call 01628 968897.


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Cannabis legalisation not linked to rise in car accidents, says study

Cannabis legalisation sparked fears that it would increase driving-related emergency rooms admission



cannabis legalisation car accidents

A team of researchers have studied emergency room records and determined that cannabis legalisation in Canada has not resulted in an increase in admissions.

The data published in the journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence revealed that there has been no increase in two provinces, Alberta and Ontario.

Canada legalised cannabis in 2018, which led to concerns that it would increase the number of traffic injuries, especially among young drivers.

The researchers, from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the University of British Columbia, assessed emergency department records to find any patterns in traffic-injury visits in the months leading to the legalisation and immediately afterwards.

They separated the drivers into two groups focusing on adult drivers and teenagers aged 14 to 18-years-old.

Cannabis legalisation and drivers

They reported: “The current study found no evidence that the implementation of the Cannabis Act was associated with significant changes in post-legalisation patterns of all drivers’ traffic-injury ED visits or, more specifically, youth-driver traffic-injury ED presentations.”

“Given that Canada’s Cannabis Act mandated that the Canadian Parliament review the public health consequences of the Act no later than 2023, the findings of the current study can provide empirical data not only for the Canadian evaluation of the calculus of harms and benefits but also for other international jurisdictions weighing the merits and drawbacks of cannabis legalisation policies.”

The Canadian data is consistent with studies from the United States that show no changes in traffic safety in the months following legalisation.

The study does not take into account the longer-term implications of legalisation despite other studies producing mixed results.

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A study from earlier this year reported that drivers who use cannabis may not feel as impaired as someone else who used the same amount but a different strain.

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UK Fibromyalgia to host two-part webinar on medical cannabis and CBD

A two-part series will educate on the experiences of those living with fibromyalgia and arthritis



UK Fibromyalgia, a magazine dedicated to the chronic condition, will host a two-part webinar discussing the role that medical cannabis and CBD can play in treatment.

UK Fibromyalgia has joined forces with Integro Clinics, Primary Care Cannabis Network, Cannabis Patient Advocacy and Support Services (CPASS) and PLEA (Patient-led Engagement for Access) to present a two-part webinar discussing fibromyalgia, arthritis and cannabis medicines.

An approximate 1.5-2 million people suffer from fibromyalgia and 10 million have arthritis in the UK. The management of the symptoms of these conditions can take a long time to diagnose correctly and can take even longer before they are effectively brought under control.

This two-part series aims to educate attendees on the experiences and lives of those living with fibromyalgia and arthritis, as well as show the benefits that cannabis medicines and CBD can have in alleviating symptoms of these conditions.

Ann-Marie Bard is one of three patients, who will be speaking at the second episode of the webinar. She suffers from fibromyalgia and takes medical cannabis to manage her symptoms. She shares her story from diagnosis to gaining her CBMP prescription and describes how it has improved her quality of life.

Ann-Marie’s story

Ann-Marie was a respected and accomplished full-time dental surgeon, having practised for over 25 years before she developed fibromyalgia.

In October 2018, she started to experience unexplained pain all over her body, but as is very common, she did not get a final diagnosis until March 2021. She eventually saw a rheumatologist, who was able to classify what she was experiencing as fibromyalgia. This only happened as a result of an emergency dash to the hospital as she was in such crippling pain.

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Anne-Marie said: “I had a major flare-up at work and had to go to the hospital, it was just terrible. I was in severe pain and couldn’t walk, this was by far the worst attack I had ever had. That’s when things became clear and having seen a rheumatologist, I found out it was fibromyalgia, causing my pain.”

“I was put on various medications such as steroids and pain killers; tramadol, amitriptyline and duloxetine. At first, these helped the pain slightly, but the side effects made me feel like a zombie, I had ‘brain fog’, exhaustion and I wasn’t able to drive while I was on them.”

Her fibromyalgia led to her losing the full use of her hands and she was left unable to grip, which meant that she could no longer perform surgery. This had a devastating effect on her mental and psychical health.

It reached the point, that the side effects of these conventional medicines were becoming unbearable. She had first read about Dr Anthony Ordman, a well-known pain consultant and medical lead at Integro Clinics in a UK Fibromyalgia Magazine.

Ann-Marie decided that medicinal cannabis might be worth trying as a solution to her pain. After first seeing Dr Ordman, she immediately felt that she had come to the right place to help her deal with her condition.

Anne-Marie said: “Dr Ordman made me so calm and at ease. I found the whole process so easy because I was speaking to someone who truly listened, understood everything there is to know about fibromyalgia and cared. He really went the extra mile, keeping my GP in the loop and letting them know exactly what he was going to prescribe. Speaking to him made me feel secure and that I was going to get the help that I needed.”

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Ann-Marie was prescribed a mix of THC and CBD cannabis oil, which she found had a hugely positive and beneficial effect.

UK Fibromyalgia: A blue and white logo for the charity UK Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and cannabis

She added: “The cannabis oil has helped me so much, taking it means I can actually get on with things like yoga, gardening and driving as there is no ‘brain fog’ effect. I can be present mentally, rather than being spaced out and spend more quality time with my family. For me, there are no side effects from the oil, it doesn’t feel like it did when I was on all of the traditional medications. The oil has given me my life back. Cannabis medicines really should be more accessible for everyone, they have changed my life and I believe they can help people in a similar situation to me.”

Ann-Marie believes that more needs to be done to raise awareness when it comes to medical cannabis. She thinks that the NHS should understand that it really is a substantial alternative to conventional medicines.

She explained: “I’m taking part in the webinar because I believe, ultimately, that this medicine should be more accessible. Fibromyalgia sufferers should have access to information about medical cannabis and I hope to raise more awareness of it, letting people know that there are other options than just traditional opioids.”

To register for this free event please follow the links to get your tickets:
Part 1:
Part 2:

If you would like further information or to speak to Dr Anthony Ordman please contact Integro Clinics:

Twitter: @clinicsintegro

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Dr Anthony Ordman senior clinical adviser and hon. clinical director Integro concluded: Integro Medical Clinics Ltd always recommends remaining under the care and treatment of your GP and specialist for your condition, while using cannabis-based medicines, and the Integro clinical team would always prefer to work in collaboration with them.

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