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Always Pure Organics: From Growth to Growth

In recent years, Always Pure Organics has blossomed from a tiny company with three staff into a global organisation with over sixty team members



Founded in October of 2018, Always Pure Organics has grown phenomenally in just a short space of time, rocketing to the forefront of the CBD industry in the UK, Europe, and Japan.

Always Pure Organics was one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK last year. Now entering their third year of business they are looking to build on current successes.

Over the recent years, Always Pure Organics has blossomed from a tiny company with three staff into a global organisation with over sixty team members. Since the beginning of 2021, APO has successfully submitted both UK FSA and EU EFSA Novel Foods applications for their raw materials, which will ensure all their products are Novel Food compliant once these applications receive authorisation. In June 2021, APO acquired Belgian company, DLH, which has further enhanced APO’s market share in Europe and provides easier and faster distribution routes for all their clients; further cementing their place as a pioneer in the world of CBD.

Always Pure Organics and Japan

For over a year now, Always Pure Organics has been partnered with Green Zone Japan, an organisation that advocates for medical cannabis in Japan. The Midori-no-wa program was established to offer affordable, therapeutic doses of CBD and other minor cannabinoids to young children suffering from intractable epilepsy. So far, APO and Green Zone Japan have been able to assist over twenty participants, drastically improving their wellbeing and quality of life and, in most cases, eliminating their seizures. Always Pure Organics looks forward to continuing to support the Midori-no-wa program in the upcoming years and proving the medical benefits of cannabis and cannabidiol products.

Gavin Ogilvie, CEO at Always Pure Organics said: “Cannabis has been treated as a controversial sector for over 60 years. Before that, however, and for most of human existence, cannabis and hemp have been considered as highly valued commodities, both readily and legally available in almost every society. We are fortunate enough to be the ones who are here for its transition back into legality. And what a transition it is set to be; the most pessimistic forecasts suggest that the global sector will be worth $350 billion by 2030.”

He added: “Here at APO, we’ve been steadily building a business and a strategy that makes sense within the context of that growth.”

Cannabis as a wellness tool

Always Pure Organics believe that the cannabis plant is an amazing wellness tool, and an opportunity to radically transform everything from healthcare to the food industry and beauty products. The industry associated with cannabis and cannabinoids has experienced record-breaking growth over recent years. In 2020 it was responsible for the creation of more new jobs in the USA than in any other sector. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, demand for CBD products increased massively all over the world, and the UK market is now being estimated at £690 million.

APO has evolved to cater for a wide variety of markets from white label products to bulk sales, to pet care, and there are only more opportunities for growth appearing as they come into their third year of business. Always Pure Organics work closely with our clients on all aspects of the product journey, from formulation and regulatory guidance to logistics and with our extensive knowledge of exporting cannabis products worldwide, which is further proof that APO is leading the way in the CBD industry.

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