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How Natures Solution offers a whole new experience when shopping for CBD products

Natures Solution opened its first high street shop earlier this year dedicated to CBD



Natures Solution opened its first high street shop earlier this year dedicated to CBD, offering a choice of over 2,000 CBD products to the local community and online.

Natures Solution has also developed market-leading CBD Oils and other products.

They offer in-store education by expert staff, clear dosage guides and transparent, useful advice on the best products on the market today from some of the world’s leading brands, as well as their own.

While you’re shopping and building your dosage guide with a trained advisor, you can enjoy a freshly ground in-store CBD Cappuccino or a latte made using the finest columbium roasted CBD infused coffee beans or a cold CBD beverage.

Nature Solution shopping experience

Natures Solution CBD is more than just a shopping experience, they’re here to change the landscape of modern self-care and wellness with their dedication to customer service and transparency. They are setting the bar high in this rapidly growing industry. They believe in great experiences and that’s why they’ve meticulously focussed on product quality, transparency, and your well-being. Natures Solution CBD truly believe you deserve to feel your best.

With their customer’s health being at the top of their priority list, Natures Solution CBD follow a high standard of testing with 3rd party laboratory tests with every batch. Test reports are openly available to customers online and in-store.

The founders, sisters Ria and Ame appreciate the importance of a healthy life and wellness journey including the things we give our bodies to live a balanced lifestyle.

Natures Solution: A bottle of Natures Solution CBD in a blue bottle

After years of research, CBD and its benefits clearly had a place in our daily routines. However, the information and products available in the UK were vastly inconsistent and reliable sources few and far between. Something clearly needed to be done.

Natures Solution founders

“I quickly realised the industry was a mess. It was far too difficult and confusing for consumers to find a trustworthy and effective CBD oil or any CBD product for that matter,” Ria said.

Ame went on to add: “The internet was flooded with pop up websites clearly trying to take advantage of the growing customer base, without offering any practical advice or guidance”.

Utilising the founder’s commercial experience, they set out to make a difference and to inspire and empower their customers with a transparent service and trustworthy CBD products.

The founders couldn’t be more passionate about the amazing benefits of this plant, and it clearly shows in the service and products available.

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