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Infinity CBD shares how natural products can help reduce stress and promote sleep

When it comes to looking after yourself, nothing is more important.



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Infinity CBD explains how to take the pressure off when trying to fall asleep, the importance of self-care and how CBD can help

It’s no secret that we live in a world that has thrived on using all sorts of additives, chemicals and plastics in products we consume day in day out.

Along with this, our methods for resolving typical issues such as sleep or stress go along the same trope with solutions typically being of the ‘manmade’ chemical variety for those looking for some serious help.

The big difference recently is how informed your typical consumer is these days. Gone are the times where the information you can find is only on the packet, or by the person selling the product to you. More and more people are being more conscious of what they put in their bodies. The rise in veganism, as well as the consumer demand for more responsible packaging solutions, says it all and this is a great thing.

Knowing how to verify sources and authentic information is essential, something that is making today’s consumers more privy than ever before.

Infinity CBD and sleep

So when it comes to looking after you, nothing is more important. Your body is your temple as they say, and although we’re all ‘guilty’ of cheeky treats here and there when it comes to things such as sleep, there is little more important than maintaining that vital aspect of your life in a healthy manner preferably by using natural, non-addictive means.

Whether it’s from looking at your phone too much late in the evening, ongoing anxieties, work stress or just wanting to play games until the early hours, one thing is for sure, not having a consistent sleep pattern isn’t good for you.

Sleep helps your body recover, your mind rest and for you to reset for the following day. If you’re in pain or stressed or feeling run down, by not sleeping properly you’re making all of those things worse. If your body is overtired, then it can’t possibly heal or manage your pain as efficiently, nor can it help you balance and rationalise your anxieties when you’re strung out.

For many people, just getting an additional 45 to 60 minutes of sleep a day can get them back into a healthy routine that will help them with all aspects of maintaining their wellbeing. So what are the new all-natural ways people are approaching this and why are they opting for this over other methods?

How to get started on your new sleep ritual.

The first step is your mindset, forget the rushed ‘routine’ before bed, one of monotony that earmarks the end of your usual daily struggle before you wake up and do it all again. Take charge, empower this vital part of your day to be about you, your self-care and something that you will look forward to.

Take the pressure off of getting into bed, but use it as your own self-pampering experience that not only addresses your mindset before sleep and urges you into a relaxing state with CBD and essential oils, but also becomes part of a greater role in your overall wellbeing.

Your journey to sleep should begin an hour before you intend to get into bed, set a gentle reoccurring reminder on your phone for this time. Time to put your phone away until tomorrow, ensure your alarm is set for the morning and put it on charge and forget about it.

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Infinity CBD infusions

Set the kettle on and get a small cup of your favourite non-caffeinated tea and add two to four drops of Infinity CBD Infusions ‘Calm’ to the mix. If you prefer not to drink just before bed, then you can take these drops by holding them directly under your tongue instead.

Next up, nourish yourself – Get in that shower. Even for two minutes just to warm up and ease those muscles from your long day. Stretch upwards once in there for a minute and release the pressure on your lower back and roll your head gently from side to side.

When ready, get out of the shower and dry yourself off before applying the Calm Stick using the massaging roller ball on the back of your neck, lower back and lastly in circular motions on your temples.

Let the lavender and peppermint essential oils do their thing whilst the Vitamin E helps the Full Spectrum CBD extract get absorbed. The massaging action will help with your circulation in these areas and by all means apply to any other problem spots.

You’ve now set yourself up with your sublingual CBD beginning to take effect, your muscles, the tension in your neck and lower back warmed up ready for a comfortable recline into your bed and indulge in a blissful night of sleep.

Why are so many people opting for this method? Well for a start studies have shown the effectiveness of routines such as this before bed, secondly, there is no artificial preservatives or additives involved, the formulations in the product you used are ethical and vegan friendly and lastly there are no harmful, addictive drugs used to achieve the sleep you need.

Need we say more?

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