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How to practice winter wellness using CBD skincare

Element Cannapothecary share their three-step winter skincare routine for better, brighter and more hydrated skin.



Skincare: A woman holding a leaf over her face

Are you looking to beat the winter blues and get radiant looking skin this winter? Element CBD explains how to boost your skincare routine with plant-based products.

We all seek a flawless winter complexion but, as the nights draw in, we tend to find ourselves donning thick coats, woolly hats, cranking up the heating and taking any measure that we can to protect ourselves from the relentless cold, all of which create serious issues for our skin.

As the air outside cools the moisture in our skin evaporates quicker, leaving it dry, irritated, cracked and generally crying out for relief. Constant changes in temperature, along with the dry winter air and daily damage from pollutants and free radicals all begin to take their toll on our complexion.

During the harsh winter months, we need skincare that’s as powerful as the elements that we endure.

Enter plant-based, CBD skincare: our winter saviour

Packed with essential oils, powerful antioxidants, multi-vitamins and Omega 3 and 6, it’s easy to see why natural CBD skincare products are the must-have skincare accessory this season. Full-Spectrum CBD infused topical products like Elements Jojoba Daily Lotion and CBD Super Serum can provide the much-needed relief and protection that we all seek during these harsh winter months.

The intoxicating aromas of Jojoba, Lavender and Poppyseed essential oils run throughout the Element range, to captivate and balance the mind, just as Elements vegan skin care formulations can provide a calming balance for your skin.

How could CBD help my dry winter skin?

Taking a CBD rich approach to skincare can help to rehydrate, rejuvenate, and revitalise our skin throughout the long winter months, but how is it so effective?

Recent research has shown Full-Spectrum CBD to be a powerful antioxidant, with effective anti-inflammatory properties, vital for reducing the appearance of dry and reddened skin. Research also suggests that CBD-infused creams can help to boost your skins hydration levels effectively counteracting the trials of colder climates.

Problem areas in need of attention can be targeted with a bespoke quantity of topical CBD which interacts with Cannabinoid receptors in our skin cells.

These receptors are a part of our Endocannabinoid system which runs throughout our body helping to regulate functions such as mood, memory, pain, immunity, and stress, maintaining homeostasis and creating a natural balance within the body.

When applying CBD topically the additional cannabinoids interact with these receptors to calm and revive the appearance of our skin.

Skin: A tub of Element CBD skincare

The Element Cannapothecary  Collection

Element’s all-natural skincare range is formulated to calm and rejuvenate the signs of stressed out and problem skin. Combining our three formulas provides all the essential components for a revitalising 3 stage winter self-care ritual that naturally defies signs of ageing.

A skincare routine should be something that you enjoy and many often fail to acknowledge that this is an important health aspect. Any act of skincare can be considered self-care. It’s all about carving out time from our hectic life schedules to focus on ourselves for a while. Taking the time to treat and care for yourself is an important step towards improving your mental health and bringing balance to your body and mind.

Our calming three-stage routine is comprised of a silky cleansing Facemask, a hydrating Lotion and a toning Serum, each balanced with active botanical ingredients and a vital supply of topical CBD to help you to tackle everything that winter can throw at you.

Your three-step essential winter skincare ritual

Skincare: A pot of Element CBD kaolin clay mask
1 – The Kaolin clay facemask (Use once or twice a week)

Element’s Kaolin Clay Facemask is an antioxidant powerhouse blending activated charcoal with White Kaolin Clay to gently remove impurities and toxins from the skin. Subtly scented with hints of lavender this mask glides onto your skin with a velvety application.

Using a combination of antioxidant CBD with antimicrobial activated charcoal, sourced from sustainable coconut husks, and blended with vitamin B3 and rice extracts The Kaolin Clay mask will leave your skin feeling purified, cleansed, and rejuvenated.

Skincare: A pot of Element cannapothecary lotion

2 – The jojoba daily lotion (Daily Use)

Element’s Jojoba Daily Lotion is loaded with natural ceramides, antioxidants and our premium Full-Spectrum CBD extract to help soothe, soften and nourish the skin.

The high CBD and vitamin E content in the Daily Lotion helps to keep your skin in optimum condition whilst calming dry and irritated skin, reducing blemishes and easing the appearance of skin complaints like eczema.

A bottle of Elements CBD skin serum

3 – The CBD super serum (daily use)

Element’s Super Serum supports tissue regeneration and boosts collagen production to firm and tone the skin, while also working to protect against environmental irritants and pollution.

Formulated with the intention of being applied on top of the Daily Lotion to create an occlusive barrier to seal in hydration. Our CBD Super Serum blends Rosehip, Poppyseed and Jojoba botanicals with a premium Full-Spectrum Cannabis Sativa CBD extract to leave your face glowing and feeling silky smooth.

Be kind to your skin this winter

While the colder months can pose an extra challenge to your skin, using Full-Spectrum CBD infused self-care products can combat the cold by nourishing, nurturing and protecting our skin at a cellular level. So make sure that you use CBD skincare as your first defence against the winter blues and keep your skin in optimum condition until the spring returns.

Look after yourselves and your skin this winter


The Element Cannapothecary


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How long does it take for a hemp bath to work?



Bath bombs have become a huge trend over the last decade. It seemed at one point that every time you used a bath bomb, you had to put it on social media and let everyone know. Fortunately none of our timelines are filled with bath bombs anymore and instead we can enjoy them without feeling the need to tell the world.

In recent times, it seems the ingredients used to make a bath bomb have changed in order to make them better for human use. By this we mean a chemical compound known as CBD has been added to add to the post-benefits of bath bombs. You may have come across CBD in skin care products before as they now saturate the industry as the next best thing, even online beauty blogs are sharing all types of CBD goods, like CBD pain cream, bath bombs, oils and balms to let us know why we should be using them. You can find out more about this here.

If you’re a fan of taking baths and using bath bombs, then we certainly recommend trying out CBD, or Hemp, bath bombs for yourself. This will allow you to compare and contrast between a standard bath bomb and a hemp bath bomb because everyone’s bodies respond differently to different treatments.

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Hemp bath bombs are extremely easy to use. There are only a few steps you need to take in order to test one out and reap in the many benefits. Here is a quick guide on how to use a hemp bath bomb.

  1. Fill the bathtub up with warm water, to a temperature that you like to bathe in.
  2. Place the bath bomb into the water and admire how it dissolves.
  3. Once the bath bomb has dissolved, step into the bath and soak in the satisfying colours.
  4. There is no limit on how long you should spend in the bathtub but we recommend anything over 10 minutes.
  5. Once you’ve finished, exit the bath and gently pat your skin down to dry, allowing the moisture to still sit on the surface of your skin, keeping it hydrated.
  6. Benefits from the bath bomb can be instant, you should already feel a lot better mentally and begin to feel the benefits on your skin.
  7. By repeatedly using a hemp bath bomb when you soak in the bath, you’re allowing your body to maintain its excellent colour and texture.

Are Hemp Bath Bombs Recommended?

Hemp bath bombs are definitely recommended as they have many healing properties and are completely safe. The properties within hemp bath bombs include anti-inflammation, antifungal, antibacterial, and much more. You can read more about CBD bath bombs from our experts.

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Hey Jane: CBD skincare for acne, eczema and sensitive skin

The founder of Hey Jane has created a range products designed to be kind to skin.



Hey Jane
Hey Jane products are designed to be kind to sensitive skin.

After discovering the benefits of CBD for his mental health, Hey Jane founder, Rupeen Mavani, filled a gap in the market with skincare products designed for conditions such as acne and eczema.

In 2016, Rupeen Mavani hit rock bottom. He was facing problems with his previous business, while also going through a difficult time in his long-term relationship.

“It felt like everything was going downhill at the same time”, he said. “I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating well, I lost so much weight just through the stress and anxiety.”

Rupeen went to his GP, and like many people struggling with their mental health, was prescribed antidepressants.

Although these medications can be beneficial for some, Rupeen took one look at the possible side effects and knew he wanted to find an alternative.

At this point, CBD was just at the beginning of its rise in popularity and little information was available about the uses of the supplement. But having heard positive reports from friends who used cannabis regularly, he was intrigued by the potential anti-anxiety effects of THC’s non-psychoactive cousin, CBD.

A number of weeks after he started taking ingestible CBD oil, Rupeen noticed improvements in his sleep and anxiety. But what surprised him most was the effect it had on his skin.

As a result of his anxiety, Rupeen’s skin had broken out with severe eczema. Learning about the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, he began using the ingestible oil on patches of his skin and soon experienced relief as his skin began to heal.

Rupeen Mavani Hey Jane

Rupeen Mavani, founder of Hey Jane

It was this experience that inspired Rupeen to delve deeper into the health and wellness space.

Even as the CBD industry began to flourish towards the end of the 2010s, Rupeen could not find a CBD skin product that was designed for sensitive skin, acne or eczema. Even now, few products on the market are fragrance-free and those that are carry a strong smell of hemp, he said.

Around this time, he had suggested to his partner, who suffers from hormonal acne, to try using CBD on her skin to curb the outbreaks. She saw huge improvements but also struggled to find a brand that worked for her.

Rupeen made it his mission to create the perfect product for his partner, containing not just CBD but other herbal extracts that are known to improve skin conditions like acne.


“The majority of products on the market are not specifically formulated for helping acne, eczema or skin conditions,” Rupeen said.

“We’ve actually focused on these conditions [and] included things like green tea, which is antimicrobial, cucumber seed oil and meadowfoam, which helps drive active ingredients deeper into the skin and locks the moisture in.

“Every ingredient we use has a function and brings something to the table.”

What started as a personal project has since evolved into a business. Since launching in 2021, Hey Jane has had a positive response from those suffering from skin problems.

“We’ve had a client who is an optician and right through Covid have been in full PPE, so as a result, were suffering from ‘maskne’,” Rupeen said.

“They got to the point where they were using steroids to try and help it. Then they gave this a try and it’s really helped.”

Rupeen has owned businesses for the past 15 years, working across a range of disparate sectors. While in the past, money has been a primary driver in his entrepreneurial ventures, he said his mindset has since changed after entering the CBD and wellness space.

“The beauty with this business is that my mindset shifted,” Rupeen said.

“Before Hey Jane, I got into business because it was cool and exciting and the driver was money-focused. This time it’s not just all about money. My mindset now is about wanting to be in a space where I’m doing something that helps other people.”

Hey Jane is still in its early stages, but Rupeen has big ambitions to see the brand stocked across the UK.

He also has dreams of opening a retail store that incorporates wellbeing activities such as yoga, spa treatments and meditation.

“That’s the dream; having that physical element of going somewhere, or being in a space where there are good vibes and people at hand to help,” he said.

“We’re taking this one step at a time but that is the vision. After that, if we can start exporting the business model to other countries that would be phenomenal.”


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Cellular Goods files patent for cannabinoid skin innovation

The UK-based wellness company is developing a new class of skin brightening solutions.



Cellular Goods files patent for cannabinoid skin innovation
The company has been researching the potential of cannabinoids as skin brightening ingredients.

Cellular Goods has filed its first patent application for a cannabinoid-based skin brightening solution.

The UK-based wellness company that provides consumer products formulated with lab-made cannabinoids, has announced the filing of its first patent application, related to the use of cannabinoids for skin brightening. 

Internal and external factors like hormonal changes during pregnancy and exposure to the sun can cause skin conditions such as melasma and hyperpigmentation that can make the skin tone change and become uneven. 

Within the cosmetics and beauty industry, a number of products have been developed  to help people achieve an even and brighter skin tone.  

Most products in the market rely primarily on active ingredients such as Vitamin C,  exfoliating acids and hydroquinones that while effective in tackling melasma and hyperpigmentation,  can cause skin irritation and sensitivity. 

This has created a need for new ingredients that are equally  effective as the components in traditional skin brightening products, but that don’t produce the uncomfortable side effects and have better tolerability for frequent use. 

Cellular Goods conducted scientific research to assess the potential of cannabinoids as skin brightening ingredients. 

The series of research, which involved in-vitro human tissue models, a well-established method for assessing the effectiveness of skin brightening ingredients, found that lab-made cannabinoids, namely cannabigerol (CBG), can improve the effectiveness of  certain active ingredients used in traditional skin brightening products. 

These findings provide the basis for a new class of skin brightening solutions that can improve skin tone evenness associated with various  factors, such as melasma and hyperpigmentation. 

This application is the first patent filed by the company and is anticipated to form part of a wider patent portfolio driven by Cellular Goods’ research into the wellness benefits of lab-made cannabinoids.  

The company has been using research to offer customers innovative products such as its Rejuvenating Cannabinoid Face Serum, the UK’s first CBG-based serum to prevent the signs of ageing caused by UV light exposure and inflammation.

Anna Chokina, CEO of Cellular Goods, said: “From having skin brightening properties, through to helping prevent the signs of ageing caused by UV light exposure and inflammation, cannabinoids have a number of skincare benefits that we are only just starting to understand. The filing of this patent based  on our own research is part of our efforts to help unveil the benefits of cannabinoids, as well as to  develop science-backed innovations that can improve people’s wellness. 

“We look forward to  contributing to the growing body of research on cannabinoids, particularly their skincare benefits, while  also growing our patent portfolio.” 

Alexia Blake, head of research and product development added: “We are proud  to be developing the body of research on the skin brightening qualities of cannabinoids with the  completion of our research and the filing of this patent. 

“This work builds on our existing research involving lab-made cannabinoids, including the publication of a white paper on the potential benefits  that cannabinoids can have for the skin by preventing the signs of ageing caused by UV exposure and  inflammation. We are committed to continuing to develop research that will help us better understand the unique benefits of cannabinoids and how to effectively leverage these benefits across our product  offerings.” 

For more industry news visit Cannabis Wealth

Home » Lifestyle » Beauty & Skincare » How to practice winter wellness using CBD skincare

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