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CBD edibles, skincare and oil: We get to know all things Weedibles

This innovative brand offers consumers the chance to get all their favourite CBD products from the one place.



Weedibles is a bold brand quickly gaining recognition in the CBD market. Their products pop out with their vibrant branding, which makes a welcome change.

The Weedibles ethos is to quicken the acceptance and access to premium CBD products to the broader market.

It’s difficult not to admire this approach, especially when a vast majority of the Weedibles products are priced below the competition while maintaining their superior quality.

Weedibles product range

One of the most attractive things about this innovative brand is the ability to get all your CBD needs from the same trusted brand, from the same place. When you visit the Weedibles webstore, you could be forgiven for thinking you stumbled on a popular marketplace, but they cater for everything CBD.

Weedibles line of products comprises oils, gummies, distillates, capsules, vaping liquids and cosmetics.

Unlike the majority of the brands which tend to have a handful of overpriced CBD products, it’s easy to question why you have several products that look like they belong in the medicine cabinet, instead of just Weedibles.

If something looks like medicine, it probably tastes like medicine. Not Weedibles! You are spoilt for choice with the number of available flavours. The exciting and playful packaging is matched by equally pleasant content. All their products have a variety of flavours, catering to all preferences,

For example, their oral oil drops, (broad spectrum or isolate), come in Natural, Blueberry Lavender, Cherry Peppermint, Lemon Verbena, Mellow Grape and Tropical Passionfruit), in varying CBD strengths. 

If you weren’t already spoilt for choice with the oils, the Weedibles Gummies will add more excitement to your palate. The soft chewy gummies come in an easy to carry reusable tin, small enough to take with you everywhere. A lot of consumer reviews seem to prefer their mixed tin, which has six flavours packed in one place. But, if you are usually choosey with your sweets, Weedibles have taken the initiative to separate the gummies by flavour (strawberry, peach, watermelon, lemon, raspberry and grape). Weedibles: A selection of brightly coloured gummies in tins

Like CBD gummies, the brand offers soft gel capsules with Vitamin D3 which is probably the easiest and most controlled way to take CBD, ensuring you have a consistent dose. For a slow steady release of CBD throughout the day, many users prefer their discreet skin patches, especially for long term and persistent issues, such as chronic pain.

Weedibles cosmetics

Just when you thought that you’d seen it all, they pull you back in with a wide range of cosmetics. Weedibles specialise in topicals like body lotions, hand lotions, tattoo healing lotions, balms, massage oils and cooling gel for those seeking skincare solutions with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Weedibles boast that their cosmetics line is ideal for everyone, including sensitive skin and helps with skin dryness, breakouts and blemishes.

When it comes to mental health, wellness and healing, a good skincare routine as well as a balanced mind, can help alleviate stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Their products are highly traceable and the Weedibles team prides itself on being able to account for your products from seed to shelf with guaranteed concentration.

Weedibles: A selection of CBD skincare products

Weedibles’ one-stop-shop experience is undeniably appealing and coupled with the lower pricing, this CBD brand is certain to continue making waves.

Do not be surprised if you find them in the fashion magazines either, their trendy Weedibles t-shirts and hoodies are growing in popularity within the younger fashion scene.

As wellness continues to be the focal point in our lives, the Weedibles brand is one you certainly can’t avoid.

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