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Journaling your journey with CBD



When starting out on any journey, it’s beneficial to document progress and findings; this is especially important when our wellbeing is involved. It can be too easy to forget to take care of ourselves but using a journal helps us to measure and reflect.

Keeping track of any improvements in how you feel, any new emotions or physical feelings can be especially helpful when it comes to figuring out your CBD oil dosage.

The most common question asked of us here at Potyque HQ is the best way to use CBD oil and how to get started. There’s a lot of confusion out there, our advice would be to ‘keep it simple’ and record your progress. CBD journaling will help you structure how to get the most out of your oil and documenting it all in your journal will help give clarity around your wellness journey.

We recommend journaling on a weekly basis for a minimum of 3-months, making sure you get a well-rounded idea of how your current dosage is affecting you.

Be clear about the details

There’s no right or wrong way to structure your journal for wellness and CBD, but here are a few pieces of information you’ll want to include within your journal entries:

  • Your reason for using CBD
  • How you feel in mind and body
  • The CBD oil strength
  • The number of drops you’ve used

Having these details to hand in a journal will help you create a more consistent and informed CBD oil routine. It will also help you when it comes to deciding whether to increase or decrease your current dosage, as well as understanding how different factors can affect the results.

Your reasons for using CBD

Making a note of your reasons for wanting to use CBD oil can be a great reminder to keep you motivated and on schedule, but it can also be a great way to track your progress. For instance, if you decide to try CBD oil and you are experiencing the symptoms of the menopause, you could use the journal to track your hot flushes, mood swings and other symptoms that are causing you concern. Simply note down the dosage of the CBD oil so you can see any patterns that emerge. This is your unique journey.

Take into consideration lifestyle factors

Remember that lifestyle factors such as very busy days, work stress, lack of sleep, nutrition, hydration, hormones and exercise can all influence results and you may want to adjust your CBD oil usage accordingly.

Track your mood and energy levels

Try to keep an eye on your overall mood and energy levels; after all, we’re trying to create a better wellness routine, so that we can feel our best at all times. You can track your mood in your journal relatively easily using a scoring system. Other things to monitor could be your quality of sleep, anxiety and pain levels. Try and use your ‘other’ notes to see if there are any other changes you might have noticed.

Want to get started on your own CBD journal?

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