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British Cannabis™ confirmed as UK largest CBD manufacturer

The firm now manufactures over 12% of all CBD supplements legal to sell in the UK



British Cannabis™ confirmed as UK largest CBD manufacturer

The UK cannabis product pioneer now manufactures 12.4 per cent of all CBD food supplements legal to sell in the UK, following the recent Novel Foods update. 

British Cannabis, registered as CBD Health Foods Ltd, celebrated the monumental breakthrough of 1,472 of its products successfully passing onto the crucial next stage of the UK Novel Foods process for CBD food supplements. 

On Thursday 30 June, 2022, the UK’s Food Standards Agency published its final update to the public list of CBD food products linked to novel food applications. The list of products has grown substantially from 3,536 individual products in March, to 11,908 now either carrying a ‘Validated’ or ‘Awaiting Evidence’ status.

Having 1,472 unique products across many thorough applications gives British Cannabis™ the highest number of CBD food supplement products permitted for general sale of any brand or manufacturer.

This resulting 12.4 per cent share of the UK market by choice of products includes 75 of the company’s own-brand portfolio, from the CBD by British Cannabis™ (FKA Canabidol™), Access CBD® and CBD Health™ ranges.

Also progressing on towards the validation stage are hundreds of individual products across several leading brands ‘Powered by British Cannabis’ under the company’s white label manufacturing services.

The products prominent in the FSA public list made by British Cannabis™ include sublingual CBD oils, CBD capsules, and edible food products such as CBD gummies and Gel-Tabs.

Following on from the announcement made on 30 June, the thousands of other products that are not present on the FSA public list are recommended to be removed from sale in retailers across the UK, with Trading Standards set to roll out plans for enforcement in the coming weeks.

Brands and manufacturers selling CBD products on the UK market on or before February 2020 were invited to apply for pre-market authorisation, with a deadline of 31 March 2021.

In the interim, the FSA has been considering the evidence presented by over 800 applications, covering an estimated 10,000 products with a view to stay on the market. This news comes at a very critical moment for the CBD products industry after a very long and patient wait.

Making this an achievement of particular note is the fact that British Cannabis™ products are among the few remaining on the market to use 100 per cent cannabis, naturally derived formulas in their CBD oils; thus, they contain the hundreds of clinically proven plant phytochemicals found in cannabis whilst also being zero THC. Their food supplements are also free from other restricted cannabinoids.

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British Cannabis CEO, Thomas Whettem, reacted shortly after hearing the news: “This is a monumental moment for our company and a recognition of 3 years of work and investment from myself and our dedicated project team. Our aim from the start in 2015 has been to act as an authority when it comes to CBD products that people can trust. Now, having cornered the market with nearly 1-in-10 of the CBD products remaining legal to sell in the UK, I am galvanised that we are on our way to achieving this goal.

“We had 15 individual Novel Foods dossier submissions to the FSA, spanning thousands of pages and many hours of providing evidence. This gave us a substantial 20 per cent of all of the RP numbers now appearing on this public list.

“The evidence gathered included our thorough testing, product safety and purity, and our passion for compliant products that do and contain what we say they do. It’s our vision that retailers and consumers alike will be able to continue to place their trust in British Cannabis™ for many years to come.”

British Cannabis™ managing director, David Ralson, added: “I can hardly put into words how excited and proud this announcement makes me, both for my team and for all of the customers that support our products. To be confirmed at this time as the most predominate manufacturer in the UK for the number of products on the FSA public list is gratifying for all of the dedication we have put into doing things the best way possible and in order to make our products sustainable for the future.

“Our partners at the ACI (Association for The Cannabinoid Industry) have been supporting us in progressive communication along the way with both the FSA and Trading Standards. As soon as the consortium toxicology study that we have partaken in with the ACI and its members is ready for release, we look forward to our products currently listed as ‘Awaiting Evidence’ on the public list to move on to Validated status, and then to full approval in the next year or two.

“I would encourage all of our customers and consumers, existing and future, to check the FSA public list carefully; is your CBD supplement on the list? If not, why? Our Primary Partnership with Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Trading Standards sees us ready to advise retailers who have questions about this process and what compliant CBD products they should be stocking. Moving forward, we are delighted to be able to offer them a greater choice of compliant cannabis food products than any other manufacturer.”

BRITISH CANNABIS™ can be reached on +44 (0) 203 965 2420 or via email at

Find us on LinkedIn – Search ‘BRITISH CANNABIS’ or search ‘@BritishCanna’ for Facebook and Twitter.


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