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Six out of 10 CBD products mislabelled – top tips for choosing wisely



Customers are being urged to to check what they are buying as CBD sales soar.

Sales of CBD have soared during the pandemic, with online retailer Life Spark CBD, seeing orders jump by 300 percent from 2019.

However, the UK industry is unregulated with six out of 10 CBD products in the UK market mislabelled according to the Centre for Medical Cannabis

The 2019 study selected 30 commercially available CBD oil products, from both online and high street sources.

More than 60 percent of the products did not have the advertised CBD content and one product – purchased from a high street pharmacy – did not contain any CBD.

Life Spark CBD founders Amy Burgess and Joanna Szala are concerned that consumers struggling with health issues are not getting the benefits they could be.

Amy Burgess, director said: “The CBD industry is unregulated and growing rapidly which allows disreputable retailers to sell ineffective products. The quality and potency of available CBD products on the market varies significantly and labelling can be deceiving.   This means many people buy ineffective products and are quickly disappointed with the results.  Also, many people are unclear about the best way to take CBD for their needs.

“We import our 100% Organically Grown, THC free CBD from the US which has led the world in the development of CBD and where millions of people benefit.  If we can do as much as we can to improve consumer awareness of the best ways to buy and use CBD products, more people will benefit and the CBD industry could become a great success story for the UK.”

Life Spark provides customers with clear guidance and assistance in reaching the optimum dose for the individual’s needs – whether that’s pain management, stress, anxiety or sleep disorders.

Here they shared their top tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your CBD products:

Five top tips for buying CBD

  1. Look for the CTAmark – this provides reassurance that the supplier is following the Government guidelines, offering legal, safe and effective CBD products
  2. Always pay careful attention to product labelling and marketing
  3. Buy mg of CBD per ml, not percent
  4. Check out the third party lab results on the CBD supplier’s website
  5. Always choose Organic – be aware of what’s going into your body

Top tips for using CBD

  1. Everyone’s optimal dose is unique to them – experiment until the symptoms are resolved which is your ideal dose
  2. CBD is considered to be very safe – gradually increase, you can even double it
  3. For CBD Oil, hold under your tongue for 1 – 2 minutes. For body salve apply liberally as often as needed. Simply add Soft Gels to your daily vitamin routine.
  4. Be Consistent; take CBD regularly
  5. Instant results happen for many but for significant health issues, be patient




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