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How CBD is shaping a brighter future across Britain



"We need to raise more positive awareness around cannabis," says Rachael Wilson, Excite for Life
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Rachael Wilson, Excite for Life founder and YouTube’s CBD Woman, charts the UK’s shifting perception of cannabis products.

Working in the CBD Industry over the last four years, I’ve seen a shift in people’s perceptions of cannabis. I find that the older generation who once saw cannabis as a drug and bad are now becoming more open minded to its health benefits.

As the owner of Excite for Life CBD shop and CBD Woman on Youtube, I’ve found people especially over the age of 40 are starting to shift their views about cannabis; and embrace it as a health supplement.

Usually they will come to me because they are suffering with their physical or mental health and have heard that CBD can help. Sometimes they mention how they have seen an improvement in someone they love and it seems as though this encourages them and gives them confidence to try it for themselves.

Social proof is a big factor in a person’s decision to buy cannabis products. They often feel cautious and concerned about being high and tell me that I’m their last hope as they have tried everything else. Pharmaceutical drugs of course have their place – but people are becoming more aware that there are natural alternatives available.

Many would prefer to use CBD than taking several different tablets. I usually find, once people speak to me, they understand that CBD will not get them stoned, that it’s completely legal and is just like taking any other vitamin or mineral. I have always adhered to legislation so all my products are tested at a third party laboratory to show they have no pesticides or heavy metals; and also that they have the correct amount of CBD and are non psychoactive.

This gives my consumers confidence to try it for themselves. Once people try CBD they understand instantly that they wont get stoned and there are no side effects. They even understand that you can’t overdose on it. However, it’s evident that there is still a fear around cannabis

Although many are shifting their views there are many who still regard it as a dangerous drug – versus pharmaceuticals that are deemed safe as they are prescribed by a doctor.

Now, as we have access to a plethora of information on the internet, more people are looking to take responsibility for their own health by exploring new options. I follow up with all my customers, and over 50 percent notice an improvement straight away. Some people need to take larger amounts and also need to be assured that it is safe to do so.

This is why it is important for me to follow up with people so that I can help them find their CBD sweet-spot. We all have unique bodies and we all need different amounts of CBD.

CBD definitely isn’t a miracle cure. And, in some cases, even large amounts of CBD doesn’t bring any noticeable differences.

Therefore other changes in lifestyle or medications can be helpful. It does seem, however, that the government and other business entities still do not want to embrace this wonderful plant.

I understand their needs to be legislation but to suppress this plant so our farmers are unable to grow it or so that we cant grow it ourselves is ridiculous; especially when the industrial hemp plant is non psychoactive and good for our bodies, environment and the economy.

We do need to raise more positive awareness around cannabis. Although more than six million people have tried CBD in the UK, we have a population of over 60 million – so tens of millions haven’t.

The stigma around cannabis isn’t helped when our government classifies the non psychoactive hemp plant as a schedule 1 drug. Yet the government is the biggest exporter of medicinal cannabis. Why is it acceptable for the government to grow high-THC cannabis, yet, we as a nation, are unable to grow low THC hemp?

Cannabis has so many elements that can be used in a multitude of ways. By classifying it as a drug, we negate the benefits of it being a food supplement, a paper resource, clothing, bio fuel, hemp plastic, hemp concrete and much, much more.

I believe the way that we bring more positive awareness is to carry on providing good quality products to people.

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