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Lean with Leanne joins Impact Sports CBD fitness campaign



The campaign is supporting peoples physical and mental health throughout the pandemic

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Fitness trainer Lean with Leanne shares her top ten wellness tips, as she joins the IMPACT Sports CBD ambassador programme #BuildingFitnessTogether. 

CBD in the fitness space has seen exponential growth in recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The IMPACT Sports ambassador programme joins forces with community leaders across the fitness space in the UK in an initiative to raise awareness of CBD in the sports and fitness world.

Supporting the Lean with Leanne fitness program is one such initiative that supports both physical and mental health.

The Lean With Leanne program is all about helping people become the strongest versions of themselves both physically and mentally.

“Despite Covid and lockdowns, the year that could have changed it all for the worse, my coaching platform has grown tremendously both online and in the gym. With the help and support of the IMPACT Sports CBD #BUILDINGFITNESSTOGETHER initiative and ambassador program I expect to grow even faster in 2021,” says Leanne

The famous Lean With Leanne 8 Week Challenge is a program that breaks down the fundamentals of fat loss, demonstrates how to exercise effectively to build strength and improve fitness and introduces you to a huge community of people all supporting each other on their weight loss journey.

“I am extremely passionate about helping people improve their physical and mental health and working with Impact Sports has been a great way to offer my clients additional support and help.”  says Leanne

Weight loss is often described as an easy game of calories in and out but the truth is for the majority of people it is a complex situation involving emotional connections to food, lack of ability to cope with everyday stress and poor relationships with body weight, body image and the scales.

The most important part of the Lean With Leanne Program is educating people on the science behind training and nutrition for sustainable change. It is about showing people how to build routines that help them achieve their goals while still enjoying their life. It is about learning strategies that help people become aware of issues that lead them to self-sabotage, comfort eat and binge in order to overcome and succeed with their goals.

“We arranged our first Lean With Leanne Group Training event at Winners 2000 Paignton. The event had an amazing turnout and we had over 100 girls attend throughout the day to complete a fun weights based workout. Thanks to Impact sponsoring the event we all received an amazing goodie bag which included one of my favourite products the Impact Sports CBD Oil.” says Leanne.

Find all the information on the Challenge here 

You can also tune in to Leanne’s monthly IGTV vlog series, but for now here are some top 10 wellness tips from Leanne, especially useful with Covid-19 lurking in the background.

  1. Set GoalsSetting daily goals is a great way of staying focused and motivated. It is also extremely rewarding and helps you stay motivated.
  2. Exercise – Weekly exercise promotes happy hormones and keeps you feeling fit and strong.
  3. Walk – Walking is not only great for your physical health but it also helps with mental wellbeing and clarity.
  4. Rest – Often overlooked, rest is just as important as training and exercise. This is the time that your body and mind can recover and rebuild.
  5. Hydrate – Drink a lot of water! Believe it or not, dehydration not only causes fatigue but it can have a huge impact on motivation, hunger and mood.
  6. Reflect – It is very easy for us to focus on how far we are for our end goal, but take time to look back and appreciate how far you have come.
  7. Talk – If  you are struggling with your mental health or need to get motivated, surround yourself with a support network and share your feelings.
  8. Consume positive information – Social media and the news can really affect your mood, so make a conscious effort to consume content that helps you learn, laugh and feel positive.
  9. Follow @leanwithleanne and @impactsportscbd for more information and advice on fitness, mindset and wellbeing
  10. Take your CBD!


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