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VIDEO: How to use a medical cannabis vaporiser



In the second installment of our vaping medical cannabis series, Integro Medical Clinics and Vape Dispensary, answer some of the most common questions patients have about using a medical vaporiser.

When a patient is first prescribed a medical cannabis flower by a specialist doctor, the prospect of actually taking their prescription using a medical vaporiser can seem daunting.

At Integro Clinics there is a full time specialist cannabis practise nurse, who is available to answer questions and give practical advice.

George Alexander CEO of Vape Dispensary, the established expert in the medical vaporizer market, is also happy to answer any patient’s questions relating to how you use the machine.

Here they have joined forces to produce a series of three films that inform and educate the patient in a clear and concise manner.

Film Two – How Do I Use My Medical Vaporiser ?

This film explains what parts come with the Mighty Medic portable medical vaporiser and clearly shows how you put them together.

“When it comes to recommending vaporisers for patients, the Mighty Medic is my number one choice, as it’s so effective and easy to use,” said George.

From fully charging the batteries to grinding the prescribed medical flower in the accompanying grinder.

Using the magazine cover as a funnel, the patient then chooses the correct dosage capsule to fill from either 50mg to 150mg, depending on the individual.

Switch on the machine and set the temperature for 180 degrees C. Once ready inhale focusing on the belly rising and then exhale.


Can I use prescribed cannabis oil in my vaporiser?

No, Prescribed cannabis oil are manufactured for oral administration only.

How much flower should I use in one session?

Both the mighty medic and the volcano medic come with capsules that will hold 150mg or 0.015g each so the amount of flower per session will be 150mg/0/0.15g. The amount the doctor has prescribed is the recommended dose for each patient and will take into account that to achieve the full prescribed amount, you may need multiple sessions. For example, if a patient is prescribed 0.3g, this will count as 2 capsules and therefore, 2 sessions on the vaporiser”

Are the dosing capsules single use only?

Yes, for hygiene reasons.

What is the best temperature to inhale at?

You should start with 180 degrees centigrade but you can increase this if you want a stronger effect. If using a higher temperature do this in the evening as it will make you more drowsy.

How much vapour should I exhale?

You will exhale some steam like vapour but this will increase with a higher temperature.

When will I feel the effects of the cannabis flower?

You will feel something after two minutes but the full effect will be ten minutes after inhalation.

Examples of medical vaporizers include the two best sellers, the Mighty Medic (£314) and the Volcano Medic (£449) produced by German manufacturer, Storz and Bickel.

They are made of the highest standard of medically approved materials and ensure the patient has complete peace of mind.


Look out for film three next week on Cannabis Health when we explore how to maintain the medical vaporiser.

Watch the first in the series – What is a medical cannabis vaporiser? 


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