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Can CBD give you more energy?



Aiding sleep is not the only way CBD can help you feel more awake

Many people take CBD before bed to help them unwind and drift off, but it can also be helpful for a short-term energy boost when you need it most.

Cannabidiol has a reputation for calming you down and easing your stresses.

However, many people also use it to improve focus and increase productivity, using it as a mid-morning pick-up, or to stave off the afternoon slump.

While research so far is patchy, there are promising signs that CBD could provide a short-term boost for energy and concentration levels. 

And if your sluggishness is directly related to anxiety, depression or insomnia, CBD can help alleviate these issues too.

Treating tiredness

Whether CBD has an invigorating or soporific effect can be a numbers game. While the popular perception is of a sedative rather than a stimulant, some research suggest CBD appears to have a biphasic effect. This means that people may experience different effects depending on the dosage they receive.

According to a 2017 review, lower doses of CBD may have a stimulating effect, while higher doses may have a sedative effect.

Further research suggests that, in high doses, CBD may increase sleep duration, whereas doses lower than 15mg may have alerting properties.

According to other studies, CBD could potentially be useful as a wake-promoting agent, although it is important to note that this will differ between people and depend on how each individual responds to CBD.

There are a variety of CBD products on the market specifically aimed at boosting energy, many of which are combined with other brain-boosting ingredients such as caffeine and orange oil. 

Treating the causes of tiredness

If your lack of concentration is down to simply not getting enough sleep, CBD can also help here. 

A paper published in the Journal of Pharmacology found that systemic acute administration of CBD appears to increase the total time we are asleep, as well as increasing sleep latency.  

Furthermore, a 2017 review noted that early research into CBD has found that it could also be a potential treatment for insomnia. 

Meanwhile, mental health issues such as depression or anxiety can also contribute to a lack of focus – and CBD could help nip these issues in the bud. 

And while there are a number of traditional, proven medications to treat anxiety and depression, many users find they are accompanied by a number of adverse side effects, including insomnia, dizziness – and tiredness.

In 2019, a Gallup Poll discovered that more than a third (37 per cent) of CBD users say they take the supplement for anxiety.

CBD may have the potential to change serotonin signals in the body through the interaction with CB1, a receptor found in the central nervous system.

Low serotonin levels are generally linked with depression, however there is also evidence that it could be a cause of anxiety.

Other solutions

Alternative remedies for occasional tiredness include drinking more water, improving sleep hygiene and getting regular fresh air and exercise. 

While the jury is still out on whether CBD can provide an energy boost on its own merits, it can certainly help alleviate the issues that may cause that feeling of sluggishness and lack of concentration in the first place.

Sarah Sinclair is a respected cannabis journalist writing on subjects related to science, medicine, research, health and wellness. She is managing editor of Cannabis Health, the UK’s leading title covering medical cannabis and CBD, and sister title and Psychedelic Health. Sarah has an NCTJ journalism qualification and an MA in Journalism from the University of Sunderland. Sarah has over six years experience working on newspapers, magazines and digital-first titles, the last two of which have been in the cannabis sector. She has also completed training through the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society securing a certificate in Medical Cannabis Explained. She is a member of PLEA’s (Patient-Led Engagement for Access) advisory board, has hosted several webinars on cannabis and women's health and has moderated at industry events such as Cannabis Europa. Sarah Sinclair is the editor of Cannabis Health. Got a story? Email / Follow us on Twitter: @CannabisHNews / Instagram: @cannabishealthmag


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