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London mayor Sadiq Khan ‘considering cannabis decriminalisation’



London mayor Sadiq Khan is said to be considering cannabis decriminalisation if reelected next month.
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Sadiq Khan will reportedly consider decriminalising cannabis in the capital should he be reelected on 6 May.

According to The Guardian, the London mayor is prepared to set up an independent commission to assess the feasibility of overhauling how the class B drug is policed in the city.

Sources close to to the Labour mayor told the newspaper that Khan believes there may be widespread public support for the move.

The policy is expected to be included in the incumbent Labour mayor’s manifesto which is due to be published on 6 April.

A source close to the mayor told The Guardian: “It will be for the commission to look at the evidence in the round, but nothing is off the table in the context of what is best for public health and keeping Londoners safe.”

Opinion polls have consistently indicated that Khan – who succeeded Boris Johnson in the role in 2016 – is on course to be re-elected for a second term.

Under London’s unique devolution set up, the mayor oversees policing and crime policy for the city and its police force, theoretically given Khan the power to overhaul how use of the drug is policed.

However, the mayor does not have power to introduced new laws, meaning a showdown with Downing Street looms over the policy.

A Survation survey flagged by the mayor’s office to The Guardian from July 2019 found that 63 percent of London residents backed legalisation and regulation of cannabis, well above the 47 percent rate across the UK as a whole.