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Four prefect pairings for Rebel Wine’s CBD-infused red



Rebel Wine CBD-infused red
Rebel Wine's CBD-infused red is perfect for summer barbecues

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As the weather warms up you might be tempted to reach for the rose, but red comes into its own at a summer barbecue, write the Rebel Wine team.

While the seasons for white and rose wines approaches;  our crisp chilled Sauvignon Blanc and our fabulous Rose never taste better than on a summer evening amongst friends, but red wine is also great and not just for those winter nights.

Our red Merlot pairs perfectly with barbecues in summer, hearty stews and roasts in winter and is great to serve chilled for a summer evening; red really does tick the ‘year round’ box.

Rebel Wine in a can was developed to be easily portable, lightweight, recyclable and perfect for outdoor events such as festivals, picnics and parties and now that outdoor events will take place this year, it’s time to try it and buy it.

Rebel is great to drink at anytime.


Who doesn’t love a picnic and at Rebel Towers we like nothing more than popping a few cans in our pockets and hiking up the nearest hill with a ready-made sandwich.


Red wine and pasta, a match made in heaven.  Serve our delicious and rounded Merlot with spaghetti bolognese or roasted vegetable lasagne.


Stilton is a wonderful British cheese, steeped in history and with biscuits, pairs brilliantly with our Red Rebel. Our medium bodied red perfectly offsets the rich, mellow taste of Stilton.

Barbecues (or Braii as they are known in South Africa)

Rebel wine is made from South African wine from the Vondeling Estate. These are fabulous award winning wines in their own right so you are getting a great drink straight away. In South Africa, the Braii is hugely popular – of course the weather is perfect for alfresco eating nearly all year.

Our weather is slightly less predictable but wherever you choose to eat, don’t forget your Rebel Red to accompany your meal.


You can explore your own favourite food pairings with our wine drinks with an extra 12% off.

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