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Covid-19 pandemic led to huge boost in CBD use, new survey reveals

The majority of participants say they tried CBD for the first time during the last six months.



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89% reported using CBD for the first time during the pandemic

A survey of 20,000 CBD users released this month has revealed that 89 percent used the supplement for the first time during the past six months.

As the impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health is becoming increasingly apparent, many are turning to CBD to cope with anxiety, improve their sleep and help them relax.

A new survey from Just CBD, a popular brand based in Florida, asked 20,000 of its customers about their CBD use over the past year.

The survey suggests a huge boost in popularity for the supplement since the beginning of the pandemic, with 89 percent of participants saying they tried CBD for the first time during the last six months.

Just under a quarter indicated that they took CBD for better sleep, 22.7 percent used the supplement for relaxation and 22.5 percent used it to manage their pain. Meanwhile, 19.8 percent of respondents said they took CBD for anxiety.

Half of the respondents claimed they used CBD products once per day while a third said they consumed CBD several times each day. For the most part, people said they chose to take the supplement in the evening.

When it came to people’s choice of product, the survey showed that most of the company’s customers preferred to take CBD in the form of edibles (48 percent), while a third said CBD oil was their go-to product. A smaller proportion preferred creams (10 percent) and vapes (nine percent).

Nataly Komova, a nutritionist working for Just CBD, said: “Already now research has shown that people struggle with their mental health a lot more than before; therefore, we can see that CBD products have become more popular.

“When used properly, CBD products can truly be a great solution for many problems. What’s great – nowadays anyone can find a product that fits their needs.”

The UK-based business, Purity Hemp Company has observed a similar spike in popularity for its CBD products, reporting that its sales have increased by a whopping 600 percent since March last year.


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